.Dragon Tiger Gate Review and CLICK review.

i went to seremban on sat and sunday. i ended up on one of the only entertainment location in the whole of Seremban and Seremban 2, JUSCO?!

I dunno why they name it Seremban 2 but i think it's pretty dumb. better name them New Seremban or differentiate them according to geographical locations like Seremban East. I think those names would be a thousand times better but it's only my opinion.

anyway, I ended up watching a marathon of movies... well, not exactly a marathon but two movies in a day. first, i caught Dragon Tiger Gate, which was good.... not because the movie was good, but good because i caught the movie first. If not, CLICK would've outshone it like the sun beside a star.

CLICK is definitely nice, much better than DTG.

DTG focuses on two brothers and an adopted one fighting evil in the name of SHIBUMI? another bad character marketing ploy.

the actions at first were superb but after a while it got repetitive and dumb. I loved... nothing about it. maybe Donnie Yen and Nicholas' action sequences but definitely not Shawn Yue's.

And their name? Dragon and Tiger Wong along with TURBO SHEK? OMGWTFKNNBCCB?

i'd give it a 6/10

Click is much better, i managed to catch the sneak preview and it was worth it. tickled me and it provided much on what's important in our life.

the only thing i hate is....


the larger than world PERFECT ENDING!

solid 8/10

oh, i finished an interview today. not very satisfactory but hey, it was better than my first one.


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August 7, 2006


bUttsH4k3r said…
i watched DTG as well. and it left me wondering what sort of super villian names himself SHIBUMI? -_-


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