Friday, August 4, 2006

.food is not a problem.

i never worried about my size. i have a saying that whatever goes in my mouth comes out directly through my hole. asshole.

ok, enough about the disgusting details.

but it never came as a surprise that since i've changed from mr. small to mr.tall, i've taken in a good amount of nutrients.

i eat a lot. and usually people ask me how i eat a lot and still not get FAT?

simple.. i tell them that the secret is eat more, shit more.

i keep plunging this down people's ear but they don't believe me. that or the fact that they think it's disgusting? what's so disgusting? a big part and parcel of life is anal sex....

i mean releasing feces.


anyway, on my way back from the lab the other day, i stopped by a long stretch of foodstalls and ordered takeaway.

i got myself a packet of fried mee with lohbak, 10 pcs of apom balik (ecstacy here), and two pcs of fried chicken.

i gave my mom the apom balik and asked her to leave some for me. i knew she was on a diet but i also know she's usually hungry and keeps tying her tummy.

anyway, i was halfway enjoying my food and watching some dumb ass korean movie when she got jealous (i think that's the only explanation) of my uncanny ability to devour food.

she eyed me jealously and told me in a swift sentence...

"if you could get fat... i bet you would be fatter than your brother"

we both looked at each other and laughed till my brother came down and grabbed two pcs of apom balik before heading out.

we continued laughing.


bUttsH4k3r said...

i couldn't give a damn about getting fat anymore. food is food, and i love it!

pelf said...

But don't you feel frustrated for NOT gainiing weight despite eating sooo much? I do.. I have been trying soo desperately to gain weight..

J!MMY said...

good for ya butty!

pelf : nooooooooooo..... and noooooooooo.........

did i say no?

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