.Summer Live Concert.

i just came back from Summer Live Concert in JB.

and I went to Boat Quay in Singapore. They're selling Hoegardeen's for S$6 a pint. Come on, that's like 13-14 a pint in Malaysia.

I'll like to post pictures of the SLC but it's not anything you can't find on TV, maybe smaller and more crowded but definitely the same. It's not like I took pictures with the stars or anything.

But I'm glad I managed to squeeze into the area for Super Hard Core Rock Fans "WTF?".

anyway, life's been busy. I need to get a job asap and convo's near. Besides that, the website they want us to log in to so that we can fill up the pertanyaan is like sooooooooo crowded and always out of connection. I'm so fed up with it.

damn, slept for like 12 hours today. Maybe more. I woke up at 3pm..... imagine that. And if it weren't for the fact that I saw my clock, I would've continued sleeping.

Got pictures to post but later k mates?
August 16, 2006


akmj said…
hey jimmy! i just filled in the website survey. quite simple. several pages with those likert scale of 1-5. don't know why i didn't have probs logging in.
Unknown said…
Yeah...angela's rite. Ur connection is sucky that's why. Heh. How the shell interview went? What did they ask u? See ya at convo!
Jimmy Ang said…
talk to ya all during convo k?


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