.long needed pictures.

i told you guys all about it here.

see how deep that screwdriver is plunged into my tire? the piece of dick is still there you know? i haven't repaired the goddamn tyre yet. i better get a hold of it asap.

Summer Live Concert as i mentioned here.

i was not this near but at least my 4x optical zoom can reach the front. hehe

hoegaarden for s$6 a pint.

that's all for today's pictures
August 22, 2006


leenmafia said…
Hey jimmy do u know how to add 'recent comments' to blogger? They have one and I'm using it but it's not exactly what I want coz blogger's one let u know latest comments ACCORDING to the post order...not comments order. Sienz.
Jimmy Ang said…
i don't even know how to add the latest comments.
'nough said.


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