Saturday, October 31, 2009

.Isabella lambang cinta.

Nak buat muka terkejut but end up with muka excited wtf... epic fail

Dua hari lepas, gua pergi Queensbay tgk filem 'Jennifer's Body'. Gua pergi dengan Abbas dan Yin Bee. Memang best sbb Yin Bee ada kad entah apa apa. Janji gua tahu tiket gua hanya RM4. Best kan? Lagi murah daripada DVD. OK, mungkin sama harga ngan DVD kat Ferringhi but kat kedai Ah Chong depan rumah gua DVD dia RM5. DVD lucah gua tak tahu sebab gua tak beli. Tapi gua suspek lagi mahal. *cover*

Anyway, gua dan Abbas pergi beli air di kaunter jual air GSC. Ada satu trainee nama Isabella yang serve gua. Gua tahu nama dia trainee dan gua tahu nama dia Isabella sebab dia ada name tag. Kalau nak minta nama, gua agak ketinggalan sbb taktik gua cakap ngan orang memang belum sampai tahap kesempurnaan lagi. Sekarang masih dalam tempat 'stalkerish weird'.

"Isabella... cantik nama you." - cakap gua.
Senyum "Thank you"
"I nak minum Groovy Grape. Abbas tak minum, dia puasa lagi." - kata gua.
Abbas tendang gua perlahan, kami gelak kuat gila satu bangunan boleh dengar. Isabella tersenyum.
"RM7.30 semua"
Kemudia I kata kat Isabella "Sebab you cantik I tak mintak diskaun. I bayar saje."
Dia tersenyum sambil gelak sipu lagi. Abbas pulak gelak lagi.

Lampu nombor 1 sudah bernyala. Kami sudah mahu masuk.

Dengan hati yang berat gua ikut geng gua masuk pawagam. Kaki gua berat sebab tak dapat nombor telefon Isabella. Gua sudah buat keputusan...

Filem apa 'besh' lagi? Jom tengok kat Queensbay.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

.politicians say the darndest things.

Kelantan Women, Family and Health committee chairman Wan Ubaidah Omar suggested that awards be given to assemblymen for marrying single mothers should they decide to take another wife.

Her suggestion drew support from backbenchers -- all of them men -- who started thumping their palms on the table at the Kelantan State Assembly on Wednesday.

She said the assemblymen could increase their quota to help single mothers with young children and it would help greatly if the assemblymen assisted by marrying them.

Her statement prompted house speaker Nassuruddin Daud to ask Wan Ubaidah to explain the word “quota.”

“What I meant by quota is the number of wives; awards should be given to learned House members who take the lead in doing this and also for those who have already married single mothers.

“This would help to reduce the number of single mothers in the state,” she said in reply to a question by Hassan Mahmood (PAS-Tawang), who had asked what was being done to reduce the number of divorce cases and what efforts were being taken by the state government to help single mothers. - source

*rolls eyes* "WHATEVER". You people never learn do you? At days I wonder where in the blue hell do you even manage pick out these nonsensical remarks? Don't you have LOGICAL thinking advisors to go through your speeches and advise you on such matters?

If awards be given to men who marries divorcees, WTF kind of award should that be?


Really, sometimes you people stun me with such great stupidity. Aren't there better topics to discuss about like how you could help the lives of single mothers by offering personal business loans, giving out IT awareness courses / extension of studies, helping their children?

And for those men who started thumping their palm on the table... Oh, for god's sake, the mere mention of marrying anyone with two breasts will excite you. Wankers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.Gua bunuh ayam tadi.

Gua hari ini lepas dari kandang. 9 hari membaham sayur sudah berlalu. Sekarang gua boleh makan daging. Tak kira daging apa pun, gua sudah boleh telan.

Petang tadi, gua minta Zati (awek cun opis gua) bungkus nasi untuk gua. Gua cakap "Ayam x 2, Sayur - Kubis, Telur Goreng, kuah pelbagai, bandung 2 bungkus... itu saje kot."

Dia terkejut. Dia kata malu nanti orang ingat dia makan macam raksasa.

"Apa gua nampak macam raksasa ke?" fikir gua. "Takpe, pisah dua bungkus. Mintak nasi kurang sikit" nasihat gua.

Dia kata OK.

Lepas satu jam, dia balik. Gua baham nasi gua dengan gelojoh.

Lepas makan, perut buncit. Gua rasa macam dah bunuh seekor ayam untuk 'Lunch'. Dosa oh dosa.

Posers with lots of light.

It was crazy. We wanted to head out and catch a ferris wheel display @ Auto City, Juru but god didn't want us to. God ordered rain to create havoc around our session. So, we had to improvise and head back to Abbas' light shop. There, we had a crazy and fun portraiture shoot. Posing was compulsory. See below for the awesomeness that is us!

Abbas being cheeky...

Wonderful lights @ the Studio

Lighting up...

Abbas the Photographer

The HIPLIST read

Monday, October 26, 2009

Photowalk @ Georgetown!

*This post is ported from*

I slept at 5 yesterday coding and designing for the website. It was tiring but at the same time exciting. Of course I did hang out with some of my mates till the wee late night at 3AM.

Waking up at 8.00AM after 3 hours of sleep is really taking a toll on me. Work beckons but I guess with more projects coming in, these issues should be common. Then after work, I headed down to Georgetown, Penang to meet up with some of the Integrascreen mates for a PHOTOWALK! It was a fine weather. Sun was not too bright and it lighted the whole place nicely. The theory about clouds being one big softbox? Spot on.

Here are some of the people from the photowalk. I have to get to bed before my body shuts down.

Boo focused!

Ashley Shooting Sky!

Belinda iz my ex-colleague!

Ling Hui with her Nikon.

David with his Canon.

Ok, that's it. I have to crash now. Good day peeps!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

.opening of jimmy.ang art & studio.

Gua minggu ini sibuk. Sibuk buat website untuk Kalo anda ada minat, sila singgah. Minat lagi, sila sebar. Timo kasih.

Esok gua nak SMS mintak najib buat soft opening dulu. Kemudian bulan depan lepas beta testing gua nak buat long call kat Obama mintak dia buat official opening.

Amacam? Ada cun tak pelan gua ini?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day One Five Four - Godfather

At first, I wanted to do this for MJ's new movie cause I needed to rant about how a compilation of stolen shots, practiced concert and intimate interviews can be made into a movie. how could that be good?

if he was alive and made this movie, he could have absolved his debt. he is a legend but business wise, he sucked.

Anyway, Godfather trilogy was one of the best freaking movie ever made. Hats off to Al Pacino.

For the strobistas: HVL F42 @ 1/16 on subject rear as can be seen. Another one on camera left @ 1/32.

View in black.

I'm on twitter: @jimmyang.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.relationships fade.

image by Haleigh

i don't know but i find that love fades. all the freaking time. my love has an approx lifespan of 2 years. don't be bitchin me, i've known ppl who had them at 2 months.

i've tried thinking up so many reasons why love fades during my time in the loo and here are my top few.

1. after years of talking, you lose topic. come on, there's really only so much you can talk about with your partner. after that, things start getting formulaic and boring and stagnant. unlike the first few years where we had interesting facts to learn about each other and knowledges to part, the last few years seem like a walk in the nearest shopping mall where you do your grocery. almost like a walk in GIANT or TESCO. it is freaking same in every freaking state. you know what you want, go in, get it and come out. remember the first time it opened and you spent hours wondering around the stupid place? yeah, it's like a relationship.

2. that small thing that used to make you smile? that you could tolerate? well, i guess after a while you find them dumb. like how your girl would used to make "manja" noises when she wants something? now after a few years, its more like a nuisance and sounds really "geli" more than anything else. that toothbrush that she insists to have facing north? that shoe of yours that she insists you keep in the compartment... now its just freaking annoying.

3. those things that you and her used to do to impress each other? no longer applies. both of you are just too lazy and you're just too confident of yourselves now. that valentine flower? comes only once in a while. that surprise present? only happens on your birthday or special occasions. that fav worned out t-shirt he could never have put on last time when courting you? now its all over supper and Sunday outings.

4. sex? usually after a few years, its more formulaic... "more let's do it, get it over and sleep". it's really not called exploring anymore. whatever happened to foreplay? really, I think the most underrated element in sex is FOREPLAY. i can never stress more. nuff said.

And every problem has a solution. These problems need only one solution.

1. Find a girl you can wake up beside and fall in love with her all over again everyday.

ok, kidding but in a serious way too. it'd be great if you could really find a girl you can fall in love with every morning.

here are some of my other suggested solutions.

1. have great sex and even better foreplay. it's important yo.
2. have surprises. randomly. like a kiss on the cheek once in a while. saying thank you out of the blue. giving her a stalk of flower... simple but works, texting her love poems/msgs...
3. dress to impress her everyday. if not for her but for her friends or people you might meet. if you dress well, she will try to keep up and vice versa.
4. make cards. little notes once in a while.
5. appreciate everything about her and the things she do.
6. have great sex. said it already?

i can list more but i think these are more than enough to keep you ppl off/in a relationship.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.gua sepet dan bangga.

Gua baca belog Hanis Zalikha tadi. Sekarang gua jalan dengan dada yang lapang dan muka menghala ke langit. Hidung gua berangin macam belon panas.

I adore lelaki sepet! My goodness ini ciri paling seksi dalam list I okay. Lelaki sepet sangat hesh kenapa seksi sangat nak describe pun kehabisan vocab sebab asyik nak guna perkataan seksi je. - Hanis Zalikha
Sekarang gua nak date Hanis Zalikha sbb mmg cute sangat budak ini.

Monday, October 19, 2009

.Watashi no Domokun.

Domokun, one of NHK's mascot. Originated from Japan. Loved all over the world.

I'm trying for more SOOC when perfecting my indoor shoots just because I can spend more time orchestrating and perfecting a shot. Practice makes perfect.

Shot done with two strobes. One F42 on subject rear @ 1/16 24mm (Full cut CTO). Another one on subject left @ 1/4 auto (1/2 CTO).

View in black.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

.Papadom - review.

More than anything I think Papadom is an awesome movie because I was touched, I laughed out loud, I almost cried... almost, I laughed out loud.. (eh, macam dah cakap dah. takpe, reinforce).

I'm in love with Liyana Jasmay ever since "KAMI". I think she's good. But in this movie, I am again amazed at her talent. One look at this movie and I do not wonder at the marvel that won awards at the Filem Festival Malaysia. They are aptly given. Deservingly so. It has been so long since I am amazed at a Malaysian movie and since the passing of Yasmin Ahmad, I wonder if I could ever be touched again by a Malaysian movie. This movie changed it. It not only touched my heart but it also tickled me. True to an Afdlin Shauki movie, it brought laughter to the cinema.

Miasara is the daughter of a doting father, Saadom. Too much of love can sometimes be suffocating, we as youngsters can relate so much to that. This movie teaches us about family, love and friendship. Every character managed to bring life to the movie. Noorkhiriah and Afdlin were wonderful as loving parents. I especially love the many "costumes" of the mother. Pete Teo as cameo/supporting was excellent. Chelsia Ng did the role of a BFF almost too well. Her accent was quite chinese(sy) in the movie. Everytime she opens her mouth, the whole cinema LOL-ed especially when her mulut "gatal wan to marah orang". One more thing, I never knew how hot Vanidah Imran and Scha was until today. Totally "HOT". Que Haidar was the artsy fartsy type in the movie. Damn hilarious. Especially his little irks.

Again, I would not compare this with the films from Yasmin Ahmad because although it brought along values, it was Afdlin's style. HILARIOUS. I hope Malaysian movies can continue to bring out great movies like these before getting all gung-ho on SPECIAL EFFECTS, ACTION or ANIMATION. Truthfully, it will always be films like these that people will remember.

If you haven't watch it, go. If you don't believe me, then you're losing out on a great movie.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taipei 101

One of the biggest / prestigious mall in Taipei. Taipei 101. Drizzling at the time of capture.

View in black.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Faces of Taiwan

This is just a preview of the individual pics coming out later in the month maybe. I need to get work done first. A lot of work is waiting for me.

Faces of Taiwan. Preview in black: Original size :


On a different note, I am back from Taiwan. Great place. Great People. Beautiful Culture. Would love to experience more in KaohSiung especially and Taipei. The road is full of scooters and pets. The weather during my visit was great. Cold but not too cold and a little bit of rain most of the time, nothing heavy. Just drips.

Will post more pics next time.Time to watch porn... I mean get some shuteye.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wedding Bliss @ Perlis with Andrew & SanC

An awesome couple who I've had the privilege to share their wedding. They were accomodating but there are some constraints especially from the Videographer and Traditional Customs POV. I wish we had more time to create more beautiful images. I believe I could've done more with their chemistry.

Alas, let me leave you all with two of these images. I'm leaving for Taiwan later for a vacation. More images from this session will have to be postponed till much much later.

Detail shot for Day 148.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

.Out of Blog.

I will not be available from today till 13th October. Hopefully, I'll still tweet though. Hook me up with twitter @ jimmyang. Chat there mates.

Anyway, hopefully after I'm back I'll blog more and things will resume normal. To all my friends who I've not had the time to catch up with... we'll hang later k? I'll be contacting you guys.

For now, enjoy this image I nicked from my flickr.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today really sucked.

Every morning I wake up with a real seemingly intent to make the day a good day. Every freaking day I wake up trying to put a smile on my face and put one foot in front of the other bravely. It's really nothing much, just mind over matter. Almost every too often we tire of waking up.

Well, that's not fine. Because the sun comes up everyday shining forth its warmth. And birds start chirping, trees sway, dogs bark, moms shout. It is a good feeling to wake up every day. At least that's what I tell myself.

But today, despite my positive efforts, shit happened over and over again. Then it stopped. Then it happened over and over again. Then it stopped... yadda yadda yadda.

Office was a bore. My e-mails got stuck in the company server. I was unable to download all 221 of my emails. Work was grounded. Reports that needed to be sent are delayed. Calls come in requesting this and that and I just can't seem to answer. I can't freaking see your effing mails dumbfucks.

If that wasn't bad enough, Streamyx decided it can miraculously suck more. It wasn't possible at first but today I guess it overcame a new barrier. It sucked MAX. Everything was slow. Not only mine but my staff. Everyone in the office had a fit. Work was stalled again. This time, not just mine... every effing blardy person in the office.

After that, one of the probation staffs decided to give me a fit. For the hundredth time... she just can't seem to get things right. I had to look and scrutinize every effing work she was doing. That wasn't productive. If anything I guess it was the opposite.
Thus I decided today was the last straw, took her into my office... berate her. And continued to give her a 24 hour notice. It was either that or I would die killing her with a C-4. *True Story*.

Coming back home, mom told me a revelation. My sister effing wanted to go to London to visit her effing boyfriend. Without much planning, without much thinking... just pure unfiltered desire. These youngsters really boil my blood. Mom refused. Bro refused. I couldn't effing care after the plethora of incidences that occured. I was just dying to strangle someone. Thank god she was 300+ kilometres away.

On a happier note. I found my jacket in Pull & Bear. AWESOME.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...