.relationships fade.

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i don't know but i find that love fades. all the freaking time. my love has an approx lifespan of 2 years. don't be bitchin me, i've known ppl who had them at 2 months.

i've tried thinking up so many reasons why love fades during my time in the loo and here are my top few.

1. after years of talking, you lose topic. come on, there's really only so much you can talk about with your partner. after that, things start getting formulaic and boring and stagnant. unlike the first few years where we had interesting facts to learn about each other and knowledges to part, the last few years seem like a walk in the nearest shopping mall where you do your grocery. almost like a walk in GIANT or TESCO. it is freaking same in every freaking state. you know what you want, go in, get it and come out. remember the first time it opened and you spent hours wondering around the stupid place? yeah, it's like a relationship.

2. that small thing that used to make you smile? that you could tolerate? well, i guess after a while you find them dumb. like how your girl would used to make "manja" noises when she wants something? now after a few years, its more like a nuisance and sounds really "geli" more than anything else. that toothbrush that she insists to have facing north? that shoe of yours that she insists you keep in the compartment... now its just freaking annoying.

3. those things that you and her used to do to impress each other? no longer applies. both of you are just too lazy and you're just too confident of yourselves now. that valentine flower? comes only once in a while. that surprise present? only happens on your birthday or special occasions. that fav worned out t-shirt he could never have put on last time when courting you? now its all over supper and Sunday outings.

4. sex? usually after a few years, its more formulaic... "more let's do it, get it over and sleep". it's really not called exploring anymore. whatever happened to foreplay? really, I think the most underrated element in sex is FOREPLAY. i can never stress more. nuff said.

And every problem has a solution. These problems need only one solution.

1. Find a girl you can wake up beside and fall in love with her all over again everyday.

ok, kidding but in a serious way too. it'd be great if you could really find a girl you can fall in love with every morning.

here are some of my other suggested solutions.

1. have great sex and even better foreplay. it's important yo.
2. have surprises. randomly. like a kiss on the cheek once in a while. saying thank you out of the blue. giving her a stalk of flower... simple but works, texting her love poems/msgs...
3. dress to impress her everyday. if not for her but for her friends or people you might meet. if you dress well, she will try to keep up and vice versa.
4. make cards. little notes once in a while.
5. appreciate everything about her and the things she do.
6. have great sex. said it already?

i can list more but i think these are more than enough to keep you ppl off/in a relationship.
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October 21, 2009


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