Today really sucked.

Every morning I wake up with a real seemingly intent to make the day a good day. Every freaking day I wake up trying to put a smile on my face and put one foot in front of the other bravely. It's really nothing much, just mind over matter. Almost every too often we tire of waking up.

Well, that's not fine. Because the sun comes up everyday shining forth its warmth. And birds start chirping, trees sway, dogs bark, moms shout. It is a good feeling to wake up every day. At least that's what I tell myself.

But today, despite my positive efforts, shit happened over and over again. Then it stopped. Then it happened over and over again. Then it stopped... yadda yadda yadda.

Office was a bore. My e-mails got stuck in the company server. I was unable to download all 221 of my emails. Work was grounded. Reports that needed to be sent are delayed. Calls come in requesting this and that and I just can't seem to answer. I can't freaking see your effing mails dumbfucks.

If that wasn't bad enough, Streamyx decided it can miraculously suck more. It wasn't possible at first but today I guess it overcame a new barrier. It sucked MAX. Everything was slow. Not only mine but my staff. Everyone in the office had a fit. Work was stalled again. This time, not just mine... every effing blardy person in the office.

After that, one of the probation staffs decided to give me a fit. For the hundredth time... she just can't seem to get things right. I had to look and scrutinize every effing work she was doing. That wasn't productive. If anything I guess it was the opposite.
Thus I decided today was the last straw, took her into my office... berate her. And continued to give her a 24 hour notice. It was either that or I would die killing her with a C-4. *True Story*.

Coming back home, mom told me a revelation. My sister effing wanted to go to London to visit her effing boyfriend. Without much planning, without much thinking... just pure unfiltered desire. These youngsters really boil my blood. Mom refused. Bro refused. I couldn't effing care after the plethora of incidences that occured. I was just dying to strangle someone. Thank god she was 300+ kilometres away.

On a happier note. I found my jacket in Pull & Bear. AWESOME.
daily dose
October 1, 2009


ndru said…
try to see the positive side every bad things. try to find what u can learn from shitty may not work all the time, but atleast it works some time.nothing is easy but things arent that shitty too.stay positive and strong. i believe u can do it.

buy me a teh ais and i will make u feel better. lets talk crap soon.

take care boy !!
Jimmy Ang said…
Oh, I miss our TT sessions. But damn busy nowadays everybody.

I try to stay positive every day boy!


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