Wednesday, October 31, 2007

.my new car.

Dear bloggies,

I am planning to get a new car, after long planning and deliberating on the pros and cons of each car in the market, I have narrowed it down to a few.

1. Proton Persona
2. Proton Gen 2
3. Perodua MyVi SE
4. Toyota Vios (2007 edition)
5. Honda City

Proton Persona costs around 50k and for the value of 50k, it is a pretty good bargain for such a big car with such a wide space and moderate technological advancements. It is a notch better than Gen-2. However, Malaysian made cars always made me cringe especially on the quality of the built.

Proton Gen 2, a notch down from the Persona by a bit but the name sounds better than lame ass Persona.

MyVi SE, small compact car. Looks sporty and a good bargain. However, the engine capacity is no match for the Persona and the abundance of the MyVi all over the roads in Malaysia make it a hard choice due to ... ego i guess.

Toyota Vios, The exterior is everything, I love the front look but the back is awkward and the interior build quality looks inferior.

Honda City, exterior and back looks out of proportion but the interior is well made.

At last however, I've decided to follow my heart and choose the car most suitable for me...

:) Nissan Fairlady Z. Cun ye?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

.alcoholic no more.

as of today, i vow to be off alcohol. need to think long term a bit.

smoking kills, alcohol... is actually great but still... *-^

Saturday, October 27, 2007

.today in history.

I think I've been more of a hermit recently than I've ever been in my life. I've never felt such lack of enthusiasm to be outside with friends before in my entire life.

I guess my determination to work and to move on with my career is a powerful force that drives me forward. Dont get me wrong, my meagre pay is not enough for me to lead a wonderful life, it isnt enough for me to work as much as I do but the experience is beginning to pile up on me. I've been getting chances I never knew existed. Because of the existence of a small company, I get to work more, learn more and I have more to give. I mean, the perks are less, the pay is low but the experience is priceless.

Now I just need to gather more understanding of this business I'm in. I need a better grasp of the products I'm working on, I'm selling.

Anyway, less on the boring topics and more towards what I've done so far. My car broke down twice this week. Which makes me want to give up on it. It has given me a lot but it has also taken a lot away from me. Its time I change, I think. I just need to budget wisely for this new car I'm getting, if it happens.

Also, got myself a new dark glasses last Thursday, glad to say I can pick it up later at 7.

My staff asked me out to SS today but I wasn't too keen. He says he'll pick up lots of chicks... but I'm just not into those kind of chicks, they lack the chase. I just want to be in my house, sleeping, watching a movie, you know... resting. I'll give the partying a try when I'm rejuvenated. Maybe sometime soon... *-^

Not much changed in me so far, I'm just as playful as I was, just as sarcastic as I was, just maybe the bit of change is attributed to my workload.

p/s: sorry for not updating for so long, see... work is a bitch. it gets in the way of a personal life.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

.5 in KL.

I'm back from KL, Klang, whatever.

The top 5 things I did in KL.

1. Met up with Say Yee, Siew Chian (Daphne), Lee Yin and Bib!
2. Had my 3rd Quarter General Meeting in Head Office. Met up with KL staffs.
3. Learnt how to drive from Klang to Damansara and Cheras.
4. Played DOTA and still not wanting to make it a habit. DOTAs are a bit dumb.
5. Hang out at Century, The Curve with a bunch of idiot friends.

That's it. Nothing much.

p/s: Met up with ColourfulConnie who dances sooooooo freaking similar with HappyHelen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A lot of things are happening at once in my life, some I'm not so proud of.

The changes in our life take many forms.

Some comes in the form of despair, the feeling of trying to do something and never getting it done. The feeling of fighting for something but losing every time.

Some comes in the form of regret, regret over the things we could have done but didn't. Regret in the things we did but shouldn't. Regret in the things we want to do but couldn't or didn't have the courage to.

Some comes in the form of love, a person we fell in love with reciprocates. A person who fell in love with us but we can't reciprocate because our feeling is just not the same. A person who we dare to love but dare not tell. A person special to us and near us who we cherish because of what they have sacrificed for us.

How many seconds in our life does it to take to make a change, an influence so prominent that it will stay. Will the five years studying in high school or university change us or would that five hours with someone we love change us or... would that five seconds where we lost a loved one change us?

Change comes in many forms but it is amazing how our existence can change so many lives... or did you just walk by life without noticing the changes you've made?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

.fun holiday?

Sometimes I think I lose more of the people I want to keep than I keep more of the people I want to lose.

Listening to: Jack Mannequin's The Mixed Tape.

Friday, October 12, 2007

.just no regrets.

Someone once told me that if we want what's best in life, we need to look forward and plan for the future. I never knew what he meant till he's gone.

We all struggle in life, and sometimes we look at our life and think whether all these struggles are worth the fight, whether they are worth the time. We tend to forget the future we want to forge and remember the present we are struggling so hard.

And sometimes we give up for the comfort of the present, to look into the uncertainty of the past. People are more simple than we all presume, people are more reward oriented than we all want to believe.

Alan Cohen once said "It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."

True, there are some who step up in this game of life and work for what they want, wait for what they dream. And in the end, its all the same, those who work for it will think back, was it worth the sacrifice? The loss of youth, the loss of time.

There are no right or wrong in this issue, just what we've become.

p/s: dad, happy birthday.
p/s/s: sometimes i worry about Malaysians... read it here by pinkpau (su ann).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

.life sucks.

when you thought all things were going as planned, life shoots you up the anal hole and brings you back down to reality.

my car maintenance, my phone bill, my car installment. they're all larger than life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Herb Caen once said, "I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there".

Obviously, Herb Caen is old... very old. We all emerge from the past and forge our future.
Sometimes the past might not be pleasing or beautiful but what we are today is a result of our bitter past, be it bitter.

I have my own past to relive, but I don't live there. We all look back sometimes and think that if we were back there, life would be much easier, we have the certainty of the past and can forgo the uncertainty of the future.

I would like to put into your attention what Lyndon B Johnson once said, "We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it."

I don't want to relive my past, I want to improve my future and live the present.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


breakfast at 5.00

dinner at 7.00...

will i survive?

tune in for the results tomorrow.

Friday, October 5, 2007

.Why I want to eat at Friday's.

Pls bear with me... i want it to have the exact feeling I felt...

I walked down the lane of the 1st floor, I bumped into an old guy walking slowly. He was walking as slow as a turtle. I overtook him once I had the chance... thinking to myself "People who walk slow should stay at the left lane and not HOG the escalator".

I went into the restaurant and found my friends sitting there. They were waiting for me and I was half an hour late. I sat down and told them about the experience I had on the way, the traffic congestion on the bridge, the slow cars, the old guy hogging the road.

My friends looked at me and laughed. Guess the truth really works.

Then I looked out and noticed the old man walking in. He wasn't very old. Just around 50 I think. He was seated by the waiter. They all greeted him with a long "Welcome!". He smiled and took slow short strides, looking at the decoration as he came in. I took a look at him and sniggered to my friends, "He's the old guy hogging my road just now, all the way on the escalator down".

I think it took him a full 10 minutes to reach his seat at the far end of the restaurant suitable for two persons. The waiter greeted him and walked along with him, slowly.. smiling still at his every move and answering his every whim about the decorations. Somehow, in my heart I thought he must be cursing the old man under his breath.
But his smile looks sincere.

As he isn't seated far from me, I could eavesdrop on him. But I think his partner isn't here yet.

A young teenage girl came in. My friends said she looked hot. I couldn't agree more. She walked in searching for someone and plopped her butt in front of the old man. Must've been his daughter. "Not bad for a slow old guy", I thought to myself.

She said to him "Dad, I just bought this, this and this. And I had ice-cream just now. Where were you? Couldn't find you as soon as we came in. I thought you were behind me all the time until you called me half an hour ago."

The old man replied, "My legs hurt a bit, so I took a seat somewhere. Now I figured you must be hungry so I called you here. You better eat some cause it's getting late."

I didn't continue eavesdropping on the old man after that. Somehow, as the world moves faster and faster, people tend to overlook those that can't keep up with us. People who used to take time and have patience on whatever we did no matter how long we tried.

Nothing could erase my guilt after that but the thought of him smiling after being greeted "Welcome" and the kind waiter for walking all along the way with him warmed my heart.

It's not really about the place, but the culture in the place. I smile when it's Fridays now. Even though Saturdays are still work days, cause I think of TGIF.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

.bye shallnee.

my ex colleague KiChangPoh is leaving my ex-company today, so i decided to drive over to PG and have lunch with her.

Some of my conversation excerpts with her...

Me: Wow, you look... urm... pregnant today. How long is your pregnancy?
KiChangPoh: 20 months ady. Overdue liao.
Me: Urm... I'm talking about your baby, not the shit in your tummy.

Me: It's smelly here.
KiChangPoh: ....
Me: You burped didn't you? Cause it smells like 20 months of compressed constipation.

KiChangPoh: Today you belanja me.
Me: OK, but I'm not paying for the one in your tummy too.
KiChangPoh: -_-""

BakChangPoh : I lost my HP.
Me: How?
KiChangPoh: Someone came over to me in the market, touched me and I gave her my HP along with my money.
Me: She just touched you?
KiChangPoh: Yes
Me: Thank god she didn't ask for your clothes or you'll be naked.
KiChangPoh: -_-""

but jokes aside, KiChangPoh, I wish you all the best in your future undertakings, your life and your new baby...

p/s: just kidding about the baby. Hope you get one soon also.
p/s/s: just received your farewell mail. OMG, so sweet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

.unforgiveable - sean john.

i pray for forgiveness, but I am "unforgiveable"

Sean John (P Diddy) "unforgiveable" fragrance for men. My Love at First Sight.

yes, i got this the other day. The smell is sweet but masculine at the same time, a mixture of Italian Bergamot, green Mandarin, and sparkling champagne, 'Fabulous' middle notes of Mediterranean air, Tuscan basil, and clay sage and 'Sexy' base notes of warm cashmere, Australian Sandalwood, Amber, and tonka bean.

I have forsaken forgiveness for promiscuity.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...