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I think I've been more of a hermit recently than I've ever been in my life. I've never felt such lack of enthusiasm to be outside with friends before in my entire life.

I guess my determination to work and to move on with my career is a powerful force that drives me forward. Dont get me wrong, my meagre pay is not enough for me to lead a wonderful life, it isnt enough for me to work as much as I do but the experience is beginning to pile up on me. I've been getting chances I never knew existed. Because of the existence of a small company, I get to work more, learn more and I have more to give. I mean, the perks are less, the pay is low but the experience is priceless.

Now I just need to gather more understanding of this business I'm in. I need a better grasp of the products I'm working on, I'm selling.

Anyway, less on the boring topics and more towards what I've done so far. My car broke down twice this week. Which makes me want to give up on it. It has given me a lot but it has also taken a lot away from me. Its time I change, I think. I just need to budget wisely for this new car I'm getting, if it happens.

Also, got myself a new dark glasses last Thursday, glad to say I can pick it up later at 7.

My staff asked me out to SS today but I wasn't too keen. He says he'll pick up lots of chicks... but I'm just not into those kind of chicks, they lack the chase. I just want to be in my house, sleeping, watching a movie, you know... resting. I'll give the partying a try when I'm rejuvenated. Maybe sometime soon... *-^

Not much changed in me so far, I'm just as playful as I was, just as sarcastic as I was, just maybe the bit of change is attributed to my workload.

p/s: sorry for not updating for so long, see... work is a bitch. it gets in the way of a personal life.
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October 27, 2007


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