.my new car.

Dear bloggies,

I am planning to get a new car, after long planning and deliberating on the pros and cons of each car in the market, I have narrowed it down to a few.

1. Proton Persona
2. Proton Gen 2
3. Perodua MyVi SE
4. Toyota Vios (2007 edition)
5. Honda City

Proton Persona costs around 50k and for the value of 50k, it is a pretty good bargain for such a big car with such a wide space and moderate technological advancements. It is a notch better than Gen-2. However, Malaysian made cars always made me cringe especially on the quality of the built.

Proton Gen 2, a notch down from the Persona by a bit but the name sounds better than lame ass Persona.

MyVi SE, small compact car. Looks sporty and a good bargain. However, the engine capacity is no match for the Persona and the abundance of the MyVi all over the roads in Malaysia make it a hard choice due to ... ego i guess.

Toyota Vios, The exterior is everything, I love the front look but the back is awkward and the interior build quality looks inferior.

Honda City, exterior and back looks out of proportion but the interior is well made.

At last however, I've decided to follow my heart and choose the car most suitable for me...

:) Nissan Fairlady Z. Cun ye?!
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October 31, 2007


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