A lot of things are happening at once in my life, some I'm not so proud of.

The changes in our life take many forms.

Some comes in the form of despair, the feeling of trying to do something and never getting it done. The feeling of fighting for something but losing every time.

Some comes in the form of regret, regret over the things we could have done but didn't. Regret in the things we did but shouldn't. Regret in the things we want to do but couldn't or didn't have the courage to.

Some comes in the form of love, a person we fell in love with reciprocates. A person who fell in love with us but we can't reciprocate because our feeling is just not the same. A person who we dare to love but dare not tell. A person special to us and near us who we cherish because of what they have sacrificed for us.

How many seconds in our life does it to take to make a change, an influence so prominent that it will stay. Will the five years studying in high school or university change us or would that five hours with someone we love change us or... would that five seconds where we lost a loved one change us?

Change comes in many forms but it is amazing how our existence can change so many lives... or did you just walk by life without noticing the changes you've made?
October 17, 2007


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