.bye shallnee.

my ex colleague KiChangPoh is leaving my ex-company today, so i decided to drive over to PG and have lunch with her.

Some of my conversation excerpts with her...

Me: Wow, you look... urm... pregnant today. How long is your pregnancy?
KiChangPoh: 20 months ady. Overdue liao.
Me: Urm... I'm talking about your baby, not the shit in your tummy.

Me: It's smelly here.
KiChangPoh: ....
Me: You burped didn't you? Cause it smells like 20 months of compressed constipation.

KiChangPoh: Today you belanja me.
Me: OK, but I'm not paying for the one in your tummy too.
KiChangPoh: -_-""

BakChangPoh : I lost my HP.
Me: How?
KiChangPoh: Someone came over to me in the market, touched me and I gave her my HP along with my money.
Me: She just touched you?
KiChangPoh: Yes
Me: Thank god she didn't ask for your clothes or you'll be naked.
KiChangPoh: -_-""

but jokes aside, KiChangPoh, I wish you all the best in your future undertakings, your life and your new baby...

p/s: just kidding about the baby. Hope you get one soon also.
p/s/s: just received your farewell mail. OMG, so sweet.
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October 3, 2007


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