Tuesday, May 30, 2006

.the death.

I lie down in the corner. Enjoying the light sunny day. It is raining outside and I wonder when it'll stop. I need to go for my usual stroll again. Little did I know that "water" today is the theme of my death. What a cruel and tearful day for my family... where ever they are.

I'm an orphan, left by my parents since I was small. I had to scourge the dustbins and dirts for food since I can remember. My eyes are blurry and full of multiple images. But it never occured to me that I was maybe having problems with my eyes. I had no one to compare with, no one to advise me of my condition.

Today, I lie down and see the great powers unleash their fury. The rain outside is locking me in this position and caused today's unwanted and fatal incident.

He comes in to my house, uninvited... unwanted.

I see him tresspass my territory and I know I am helpless against a creature of such size.

He whips out his machine gun. I saw an opportunity.

As I was moving up and down, around and about... He saw a chance and started aiming at me.

His gun wasn't the normal netgun. This time, it's a water hosing gun. I was amazed, shocked and intrigued. I moved elegantly... evading his shots.

But I knew I can't run forever, I am not NEO... I am not the ONE.

He hosed me down into a pool of water and I could instantly feel the scorch on my skin.

The SOB is utilizing hot water. What an ingenuine idea. The bastard knew what he was doing. The fragrance from the pool of humongous water that he hosed me down to did not deter me. I swam and cling on for dear life. Sometimes I think that the water from the pool saved me from the scorching heated water from the hose.

Then, he was out of bullets. His supply of hot water is now gone. I swam for dear life.

But little do I know the real danger is only about to begin.


I stand there like a king looking down on the fly that I shot down with my piss onto the toilet bowl.

I smirked a little and gave a sigh of relief. Mankind = 1 Pests = 0.

And then my hand flushed it down the toilet.

There goes the lousy buzzing insect.

.penang food.

nothing to do... quite boring... need to find a job... fast... haven't even completed my resume for god's sake... dying...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

.Motorola V3i.

I am playing with a new gadget now. hehe.

Full review.

The motorola v3i is actually an added improvement over the previous v3. everything is almost similar except for the colour, 1.3mpx camera and the ability to add a memory card.

no doubt. we all know motorola v3's slim design sparked a controversial offspring of slim designs from almost every other mobile company. but it is also a spectacular feat that no the motorola v3 has not managed to have a more worthy successor. the people in motorola took a winning design and improved it. "why mend something that's not broken?"

even the latest v3x was no design feat in motorola. however, in terms of functionality, it surpasses the v3i in every aspect.


The motorola v3i has an improved phonebook search system. I dare say that the multi letter search function previously not available in v3 has been resolved. Also, the camera takes decent albeit a bit below par pictures.

The UI of a motorola design currently is nothing to boast about and in terms of speed, it seems fast enough. however, the camera lags a couple of seconds before being able to capture. this is remedied by the fact that it takes extra fast pictures due to its absence of an autofocus unlike SE's famous camera modules.

The customization of a motorola interface astounds me. i could never achieve this level of customization with samsung or even sony ericsson's interface. however, Nokia's Symbian interface still takes the lead.

The interface offers users a variety of customization including shortkeys and even icon reordering. i find this feature extremely useful especially since some of the menus that i go to are deep in the depths of the forest.

unlock/lock phone feature.
this shit is cool. lock your messages and multimedia or even your recent calls with this feature. to enter or to read your messages, the user must first enter a lock/unlock code. works extremely good especially for defending your privacy from prying eyes.

basically it comes incorporated with this shit. but i only use my phone to listen to calls and type messages... and the occasional picture / video taking. music? get an true dedicated music player or get one of those bigger phones from SE/Nokia/Samsung... or get the Motorola E2 with standard headphone jack.

screen. screen is clear and quite big since it occupies the whole flip side. however, it still cannot beat a samsung i think. if you ask me, i think it's clear enough. how good do you want it to be? a TV to watch your DVD?

Call Clarity.
I don't know whether it's the network or the phone but i received a couple of complaints and a few dropped calls due to the other side not being able to listen to my voice. however, a second call would usually rectify that. i really hope it's the network cause such an error is truly unforgiveable for a phone of such calibre.

Ringtone. MP3. Clear and truthfully, quite loud. However, vibration is average and can be missed. Although I have never missed a call but I suspect if it was in a busy road, I might.

SMS capacity. 40 inbox and 32 outbox. still going up. I'm trying to check the maximum capacity.

I never regretted buying this phone and I love it to bits. However, it is a beauty and far from a technological feat. If you love the design and the size, buy this. However, If another phone can fit your hands perfectly... don't bother with this. It's almost the same price as other good calibre phones out there. The only difference with a v3i is the design. And I'm all for it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

.it's time.

it's about time i get a new gadget to play around aint it?

i mean, for goodness sake.. it's been so long since i got a pda, new hp, new pc or any geeky stuffs. i need to fulfill my desires....

anyway, caught da vinci code yesterday. if you've read the book, don't bother watching the movie. if you've not read the book... are you living in prehistorian time?

kidding.... if you've not read it, go watch the movie.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

.nasi kangkang.

Recipe for Nasi Kangkang.

I got this from a friend of mine yesterday. They say it came from either Thailand or Indonesia.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and this recipe will literally make that come true.

The ingredients are minimal but the effect is maximum. Oh, and for females only......


1. 1 bowl of rice (cooked)
2. Gravy to your liking. (dahl, curry, ketchup...anything. basically, this is for presentation purposes only)
3. Vaginal Fluid (Important ingredient)

Preparation Method.

1. First, remember to extract Vaginal Fluid into a clean bowl. We don't want your bf getting diarrhea the day after and puking everything out.

2. Mix Vaginal Fluid with Rice. Stir until evenly distributed or sticky.

3. If it looks weird, add gravy on top. Parsleys are additional.

4. Serve while fresh.

This is a true recipe I got during a yamcha session. This recipe is said to be able to keep a man's heart.

The above recipe is based on hear-say. The effectiveness of the dish is theoretical. Anything you do or try to do will be your own responsibility. I cannot be held responsible.

Thanks. Have a nice Lunch/Dinner.

.TMNET sucks big time.

I cut my line a month ago. And they're still billing my ass with shit. They said I haven't cut the line yet. I distinctly remember cutting both my landline together with Streamyx a month ago. I have a witness.... although he's my friend but it's better than nothing.

TMNET with their new facelift can kiss my ass if their service is like monkey brains.

Kiss my Fucking ASS you morons.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Some idiots just can't do work.

I have nothing against my FORMER education institution but when i received a message today notifying me and a couple of my mates that we haven't submitted our BORANG MOHON GRADUAN.... whatever the fuck it's for.... I was really pissed.

I remembered clearly doing all the paperworks, getting them verified and moving my ass from one place to the other just to find my lecturers. and I remembered clearly passing it up directly in the office to the person in charge. And guess what, the person in charge has the BALLS to say that none of us who went during that time have passed up our BMG.... that sunuvabitch....

I am really pissed, not because of this incident only but because I drank too much coffee yesterday. But nevertheless, you know PISSED...

I'm going to China next week and maybe won't be blogging for one whole week. Not that anyone's gonna miss me but SOME might.... :)

So, let's get over all these stupid official university stuff.

I'm checking my laboratories front page report and i'm amazed at the lack of speeling ability these people have. I would've whopped their asses in a spelling bee competition.

Imagine spelling FORMERLY as FORMELY. and having an e-mail adress with the @yahoo.mail?

who the fuck has that kind of e-mail adress?

they can't spell FORMERLY correctly but I'm amazed that they can spell cinnamon and invincible correctly. and WTF is myrrh..?

oh, yeah. I was at a friend's gathering yesterday to celebrate my friend's birthday and some weird acronyms keep popping out. I guess the net-talk have finally made it into our daily-life.

when people are confused... they are so lazy to PRONOUNCE "What The Fuck".... instead, they acronize (is this even a word?) it to WTF.... yes, as in .... "DoubleU Tee Ef". Lazy tonguers.

next thing we'd know, people'd start with acronyms during conversations... like

"Hey, I heard X's Cousin's Dad's Friend's Son Fucked Away.

"OMGWTFBBQ" (Oh Em Gee DoubleU Tee Ef Bi Bi Kiu)

really retarded i tell you. How am I gonna educate future generations with stuffs like this cropping up all the time. I can't even talk properly to my child next time. During breakfast, he'd be going like....

"OMG, I'm late for school. TTYL dad"






Wednesday, May 17, 2006

.uncertainty equals to fear.

you know, one of the greatest fears in life is "uncertainty". nothing in this world beats uncertainty.

you're scared of height because you wonder whether you'll fall down. you're scared of the dark because you don't know what's around you. you're scared to look under your bed when you were small because you didn't know what's under it.

it's funny why we're afraid of things we're uncertain of but once we know the problem, no matter how hard or how bad it is, we find a way to solve it (this applies to men only) or talk about it (this applies to women only).

and after we know everything... once the dust has settled, the sun has risen, the cocks are cuckooing... we all know our next step.

then why my friend, are we afraid of things we might not know and we could never know. we're afraid of death cause we don't know what's after it. we're afraid of expressing our love cause we don't know what the other person's answer will be.

uncertainty is the root of all fear.

if we fall down from that cliff, we're not afraid of the fall... we're just afraid of death. of not knowing what's going to happen after our death. whether to ourselves or to our loved ones, right?

now that i've said it, we all know uncertainty is bad....

but think of a world without uncertainties... think of a world where everyone knows everything, even the future...

there'd be no excitement.

Go do something you always wanted to do today. in the spirit of excitement. LIVE LIFE FREE.

Friday, May 12, 2006

.sickening questions.

i've been making my usual rounds lately and the things i've been hearing keep repeating itself.

people keep asking me things like.

"finish studying?"
"got work ady or not?"
"when wan to start work?"
"got teach tuition ar?"

WTF? I tell you lot of people that being jobless is certainly irritating. I mean, it can be nice at first because we get to enjoy the fruits of life like lepak-ing at the mamak stall until the midst of midnight, putting out your two hands and taking money from mom (mom's been bitching about it though nowadays... ), sleeping until the wee hours of morning, watching serial movies non-stop and having DVD marathons.

When people start asking us questions like the one i pointed above, it really pisses you off to the MAX, I mean it! What's up with being unemployed? anything wrong? HELLO?!!!!

I figured i'm gonna be working my ass off for the rest of my life so a couple of months rest won't really hurt a fly. Sometimes, when these people open their mouth, I just feel like giving them a slap and pulling their teeth out from their gums.

After that I'd say... Yes, I'm crazy and unemployed sooo.... FUCK OFF!

Monday, May 8, 2006


guess who's back.

back again.

this time... back for good.

the first thing i need to do is go to Telekom and TMNet to apply for a phone line and streamyx tomorrow.


i miss p2p and bittorrents. who doesn't?

Friday, May 5, 2006


i know it's been a long time since i updated and i have this opportunity no because i'm in a friend's house temporarily.

these are the last few days in JB and let me say that i MIGHT, just might miss this place. if it wasn't because of my friends, it most probably is because of the plethora of students i met here durng my stint as both a school teacher and a tuition teacher.

and during my days here, not many people are able to make me remember them. but i know them more than i should. and not many people are able to make me forget them. yet i know them less than i should.

5 years is not a fleeting moment but it's not so slow either. there are things i miss here and there are certainly things i miss back home. but maybe the thought of the things back home overwhelms the thought of the things i will miss here makes me wanna go back home.

i've learnt a lot of things in my 5 years of independence here. i might say that i learnt how to be independent but i'm not quite sure about this. i have friends who brought me up when i'm down. but there are things i know i've learnt here. i learn how to manage networks, i learn how to overclock, i learn how to watercool, i learn about new gadgets, i learn leet driving skills, i learn how to make friends, i learn how to communicate, i learn sooooo many things yet i lost sight of so many things. i lost the love of my family, i lost the yummy food from penang and i also lost the companions i had in penang.

well, you gain what you lose and you lose what you gain. it's always a cycle.

i can't talk anymore, people are trying to track me down and kill me. i'm actually a spy for a primary school.

yeah, and terrorists are out to get me.

oh yeah, i saw MI 3 yesterday, rocks. although TOM CRUISE is an idiot because of scientology, he still looks damn good in the movie. and MAGGIE Q. OMFG!

Maggie Q in that red dress. SHOCKING!

go watch it.

yeah, N80 in Tebrau just now costs 2788. Bummer, I was aiming for it but it's so god damn expensive. :(

any1 wanna sponsor me?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...