.Motorola V3i.

I am playing with a new gadget now. hehe.

Full review.

The motorola v3i is actually an added improvement over the previous v3. everything is almost similar except for the colour, 1.3mpx camera and the ability to add a memory card.

no doubt. we all know motorola v3's slim design sparked a controversial offspring of slim designs from almost every other mobile company. but it is also a spectacular feat that no the motorola v3 has not managed to have a more worthy successor. the people in motorola took a winning design and improved it. "why mend something that's not broken?"

even the latest v3x was no design feat in motorola. however, in terms of functionality, it surpasses the v3i in every aspect.


The motorola v3i has an improved phonebook search system. I dare say that the multi letter search function previously not available in v3 has been resolved. Also, the camera takes decent albeit a bit below par pictures.

The UI of a motorola design currently is nothing to boast about and in terms of speed, it seems fast enough. however, the camera lags a couple of seconds before being able to capture. this is remedied by the fact that it takes extra fast pictures due to its absence of an autofocus unlike SE's famous camera modules.

The customization of a motorola interface astounds me. i could never achieve this level of customization with samsung or even sony ericsson's interface. however, Nokia's Symbian interface still takes the lead.

The interface offers users a variety of customization including shortkeys and even icon reordering. i find this feature extremely useful especially since some of the menus that i go to are deep in the depths of the forest.

unlock/lock phone feature.
this shit is cool. lock your messages and multimedia or even your recent calls with this feature. to enter or to read your messages, the user must first enter a lock/unlock code. works extremely good especially for defending your privacy from prying eyes.

basically it comes incorporated with this shit. but i only use my phone to listen to calls and type messages... and the occasional picture / video taking. music? get an true dedicated music player or get one of those bigger phones from SE/Nokia/Samsung... or get the Motorola E2 with standard headphone jack.

screen. screen is clear and quite big since it occupies the whole flip side. however, it still cannot beat a samsung i think. if you ask me, i think it's clear enough. how good do you want it to be? a TV to watch your DVD?

Call Clarity.
I don't know whether it's the network or the phone but i received a couple of complaints and a few dropped calls due to the other side not being able to listen to my voice. however, a second call would usually rectify that. i really hope it's the network cause such an error is truly unforgiveable for a phone of such calibre.

Ringtone. MP3. Clear and truthfully, quite loud. However, vibration is average and can be missed. Although I have never missed a call but I suspect if it was in a busy road, I might.

SMS capacity. 40 inbox and 32 outbox. still going up. I'm trying to check the maximum capacity.

I never regretted buying this phone and I love it to bits. However, it is a beauty and far from a technological feat. If you love the design and the size, buy this. However, If another phone can fit your hands perfectly... don't bother with this. It's almost the same price as other good calibre phones out there. The only difference with a v3i is the design. And I'm all for it.
May 27, 2006


Cheng Sim said…
omg. please please please don't tell me its yours. omg. so so lawa lah.
Anonymous said…
arghhh im a fan of the RAZR seriess! how much is this v3i? cam berapa MP? quality okay? got 3g?
Eve said…
jeles-nya... but bout the call clarity issue, i cant hear my friend thats using ur phone most of the time. resort to sms
Anonymous said…
Welcome to the club! Hahahahhaha
Jimmy Ang said…
cheng sim : yeah, my precious....

realybites: i bought the original with 264mb card and pouch and everything lar inc. cable for 1050.
Camera is 1.23mpx. No 3G....:(

Eve: yeah, I'm beginning to get sore because of this point but gladly most of the time it can be heard. maybe once in ten times people can't hear me.

aileen : Muahahahaha

The Angel : May god grant your wishes soon.
Anonymous said…
Rachel here. You got a new phone!!!! Finally... how was the trip to CHina? NIce ar?


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