Thursday, May 25, 2006

.it's time.

it's about time i get a new gadget to play around aint it?

i mean, for goodness sake.. it's been so long since i got a pda, new hp, new pc or any geeky stuffs. i need to fulfill my desires....

anyway, caught da vinci code yesterday. if you've read the book, don't bother watching the movie. if you've not read the book... are you living in prehistorian time?

kidding.... if you've not read it, go watch the movie.



Tam said...

u mean, it's about time you GOT a new gadget to play around with.

J!MMY said...

tam: it was get.... now it's GOT.


l0fT said...

i've neither watch the movie nor read the book wor... am i to be from before the Big Bang?

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