i know it's been a long time since i updated and i have this opportunity no because i'm in a friend's house temporarily.

these are the last few days in JB and let me say that i MIGHT, just might miss this place. if it wasn't because of my friends, it most probably is because of the plethora of students i met here durng my stint as both a school teacher and a tuition teacher.

and during my days here, not many people are able to make me remember them. but i know them more than i should. and not many people are able to make me forget them. yet i know them less than i should.

5 years is not a fleeting moment but it's not so slow either. there are things i miss here and there are certainly things i miss back home. but maybe the thought of the things back home overwhelms the thought of the things i will miss here makes me wanna go back home.

i've learnt a lot of things in my 5 years of independence here. i might say that i learnt how to be independent but i'm not quite sure about this. i have friends who brought me up when i'm down. but there are things i know i've learnt here. i learn how to manage networks, i learn how to overclock, i learn how to watercool, i learn about new gadgets, i learn leet driving skills, i learn how to make friends, i learn how to communicate, i learn sooooo many things yet i lost sight of so many things. i lost the love of my family, i lost the yummy food from penang and i also lost the companions i had in penang.

well, you gain what you lose and you lose what you gain. it's always a cycle.

i can't talk anymore, people are trying to track me down and kill me. i'm actually a spy for a primary school.

yeah, and terrorists are out to get me.

oh yeah, i saw MI 3 yesterday, rocks. although TOM CRUISE is an idiot because of scientology, he still looks damn good in the movie. and MAGGIE Q. OMFG!

Maggie Q in that red dress. SHOCKING!

go watch it.

yeah, N80 in Tebrau just now costs 2788. Bummer, I was aiming for it but it's so god damn expensive. :(

any1 wanna sponsor me?
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May 5, 2006


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