.uncertainty equals to fear.

you know, one of the greatest fears in life is "uncertainty". nothing in this world beats uncertainty.

you're scared of height because you wonder whether you'll fall down. you're scared of the dark because you don't know what's around you. you're scared to look under your bed when you were small because you didn't know what's under it.

it's funny why we're afraid of things we're uncertain of but once we know the problem, no matter how hard or how bad it is, we find a way to solve it (this applies to men only) or talk about it (this applies to women only).

and after we know everything... once the dust has settled, the sun has risen, the cocks are cuckooing... we all know our next step.

then why my friend, are we afraid of things we might not know and we could never know. we're afraid of death cause we don't know what's after it. we're afraid of expressing our love cause we don't know what the other person's answer will be.

uncertainty is the root of all fear.

if we fall down from that cliff, we're not afraid of the fall... we're just afraid of death. of not knowing what's going to happen after our death. whether to ourselves or to our loved ones, right?

now that i've said it, we all know uncertainty is bad....

but think of a world without uncertainties... think of a world where everyone knows everything, even the future...

there'd be no excitement.

Go do something you always wanted to do today. in the spirit of excitement. LIVE LIFE FREE.
May 17, 2006


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