Wednesday, April 30, 2008

.3GB Networking.

Online community is now the biggest agenda in our world wide web. It has maintained its stronghold ever since we Malaysians found Friendster and the likes. Then, online communities were just a place for us to keep in touch and maybe maintain contact with people we've lost.

However, advancements in both software and hardware enable us to develop this utility. Currently, a networking site needs to consist of blogging technology, picture/album sharing, personal profile page, media interactions, group networking and much more.

Friendster and Facebook has made these successful transitions from a mere personal website portal to a full fledged media and networking site. Currently, not many dare to venture into this niche. However, with 3GB, they're showing interest in our profile management. If Multiply was anything to go by, I'm surprised at the similarity of interface reaction with Multiply.

3GB might still be new but it has all the utilities a networking site will need. Truth be told, I've already got my hands full with Friendster and Facebook, I don't really need another networking site to complicate and to keep in touch with friends I never had in the first place. However, If you're one of those newbies venturing into this aspect, pls do introduce your friends into this site. A little competition is good, never bad.

Now type this "" into your URL and go have fun with it!

p/s: This is a sponsored post. I'm a whore like that wtf.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


there must be things you regret in your life. like how i blurted it out to him. it was really a curious question and i thought she asked it out of curiosity, not something she could have done or something. I never told him to keep it discreet cause i thought it was innocent.

you know like..."what if" questions. but then, looking at her reaction made me realize that i made the wrong choice. she cared about it more than it seems. more than she showed. maybe she was embarrassed, anyway... i thought it was a disaster. the approach, the timing... everything.

anyway, i'm trying to take it off my mind. PENANG WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL this May. A spin off of the infamous Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching is happening this weekend. If last year was anything to go by, this year could still be awesome. Don't know about the company though. Wonder who'll be there with me this year.

Its 10 bucks more expensive than last year. I'll be bringing in tons of beer if we were to make it. Maybe I can even get a couple of bucks. :) Kidding. Last year it was drizzling. This year could be too. But judging from last year's response, no one actually cares about the rain.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

.short note.

My sick wheels are here. They're lodged on those circular rubber compounds which connect my car to the ground. I love how sick they are. Guess this will be my last mod for this year. Kinda broke after this. :) But still... did I mention they're sick.

I might be gone for a couple of days, specifically from Thurs till Sunday. I'll be travelling down to KL for business. Maybe in the meantime do some catch up with old friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

.insurans mulut.

aku ternganga di kereta miniVin. Dia sedang membebel lagi. Biasa tu. Aku dah biasa dengan karenahnya. Sering berjenaka budak ini.

"Eh, aku lapar lah. Nak makan McDonald ni." katanya.

Kami baru keluar dari PC Fair. Sejenis karnival yang menjual beraneka benda komputer. Bermacam-macam ada, dari cakera keras ke kayu riang. Ya, itulah yang diajar kepada aku di universiti. Tidak kreatif langsung Bahasa kebangsaan ini.

"Kita dah lalu McDonald tadi. Kau tak cakap awal awal." senyum aku.

Dia berlagak pandai lagi, "Aku nak pergi yang drivethrough tu lah. Yang pandu lalu senang."

"Kau berhenti, aku turun dan beli... pandu lalu lah tu."

Terdiam seketika aku. Bodohnya aku menyusahkan diri.

"Bagus idea kau. Nanti sampai kat drive through tu, kau turun beli yeah"

Aku dan dia gelak macam budak 15 tahun. Memang sial mulut aku ni, tak ada insurans.


MiniVin membebel lagi. Macam dah lali telinga aku. Aku bertanya tentang aweknya yang cun dulu, sekarang dah pisah.

"Kerja kat tempat JollyYeap lagi ke awek dulu mu?" tanya aku.

"Ya, sekarang semakin teruk dia, macam tak bertenaga dan susut air muka dia" katanya.

"Dulu kau yang rekomenkan kerja ini kat dia kan?" tanya aku dengan serius.

"Bukan pasal kerja, mungking pakwe dia kut. Ish, tak taulah. Nak kahwin dah dua budak tu. Aku dengar macam akhir tahun ini."

"Eh cepatnya" semput aku, terkejut.

"Entahlah apa yang dia fikir, baru kenal berapa lama. Aku dengan dia pun dah 6 tahun. Tapi break juga" katanya.

"Benda macam itu tak berkenaan dengan masa. Mungkin dah dijumpa jodohnya."

Aku ternganga sejenak selepas itu.
Dia gelak lagi.
Aku tak nak keadaan menjadi tegang, aku pun ikut gelak.

Sah lah mulut aku ni tak ada insurans.

Friday, April 18, 2008

.handphone etiquette.

i think handphones are becoming the number one companion for every single living being in this world. i mean this for only those who have access to handphones.

my neighbouring ninjaaaaa tried to talk on the phone with his dick doubling as an antenna. Extra good reception when he is aroused. Notice his ultra 1337 hairstyle and marijuana looking bob marley facial expression.

we can't live without them. i mean, its becoming even a greater necessity than we realize and slowly its dominating the way we talk, we interact.. in a way, its affecting our culture.

we can go out without our gf, our wife... but we can't go out without our handphone.
my mom went out yesterday without her purse, but she remembered her purse and she said its ok.
her freaking purse which contains her identification, money, credit cards and even driving license. it doesn't help that she's driving. WTF?

How many times have you talked to someone only to have the HP interrupt your conversation. I've had it numerous times.

And I do agree HPs are nifty. You can take hidden upskirt pictures and post them in your porn site, make prank sex calls to the nun living beside your house, pretend you have something important by having the ringtone go off in the middle of the nagging session with your spouse, get out of a meeting, tell your wife where you were at a certain time and looking like a complete queen controlled nutsack in front of your friends... the list goes on.

Samsung chicks.

However, here are some annoying things people can do with this piece of equipment.. other than the ones above.

1. Having them go off LOUDLY in the middle of a movie.

Handphones that go off in the middle of a movie are magnified 10x. Yes, it is like a whoring magnifying siren. It beats the shit out of police sirens whaling in the middle of the road. AS soon as these bitches go off, you have a tendency to hunt for the source like a pack of hungry wolves. One of the worst things that could happen in a cinema other than the ringing tone of a HP is the person ignoring you and continuing to talk on the HP in some loud accent pretending that they don't know English and thus enabling them to completely feign ignorance of the signs all over the cinema asking them to turn off their HP. Oh, and also Tokyo Drift Ringtones.

2. People who talk on the phone and trying to multi task.

Especially if it involves eyes and ear co-ordination. I tried to enjoy my movie in my room while talking to my mate and listening to her problem. It didn't quite turn out magnificently. The whole ordeal was a blur. God knows males can't multi task, what more listen to two varying sound package at the same time. I'd go "huh.. huh.. huh.. yeah.. yeah.. and.. What was it?"
Usually repeating the last word that they say would give the illusion of utmost concentration. Like.. "He was fucking horrible." and I'd go "Horrible."

See, works. But I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end. So, this is one of the "No Nos" in the phone etiquette department.

3. Text messaging (reading or writing) in the car.

Leet skills and absolute perfection with hand and eye coordination is needed. I admit I'm a VICTIM of this habit....... but.. wait a minute.. there is no BUT. Imagine if the person in front of you spotted a naked lady driving a kancil. His car would halt and you'd... never have noticed the naked lady. Shame on you.

4. Typing messages while talking to your friend.

Fuck you! Nuff said, If I'm not important enough for a few minutes of your time then you better make sure the person on the other side of the call is freaking important. But I do this a lot of times. It just means the other person is more important. :)

5. Phone ringing while having sex.

You'll be amazed at the many times this have happened to many people. Albeit its not anyone's fault but i guess its better to blame it on the caller for BAD TIMING.

What's your vice on handphone etiquettes?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

.net friends, bleargh...

my head was lodged into the pillow. the soft cores of the pillow has molded a shape to accommodate my heavy head. my eyes are starting to close and my lids feel heavy.

"I'm gonna make it bend and break.. Let the good times roll, In case god doesn't show."

My ring tone rings loudly beside my ear. Fall Out Boys, yummy. But still, it was a shock and I scramble for it before my brother in the room beside wakes up.

"Hello?" I quirked.

"Let's go for supper."

"What? It's 12 dude"

"I've got this internet meeting with three chicks. I need your help"
(in my mind I was thinking that there's a 33% chance one of them will turn out freaking GOOD.)

"[grumble, grumble] Can we be back by 1 then?"


I headed for the bathroom. Turn the heat on max and washed myself off the drowsiness. I wore my jeans on the box i kept all my unwashed clothes and headed out stealthily.

Before I reach, my nervous friend already rang me and when I saw him, it seems he was quite casual. We sat down and I couldn't see a single table with three sultry girls. All of them are obviously decked with males and the few tables with females are accompanied by the opposite sex.

As I sat, I spotted a girl in green. She had double chin cellulite tyres portruding from her chin. Her boobs are large and saggy, probably as a result of excessive storage of cellulite tyres around her body. I ignored her and looked around. Trying to get a glimmer of hope and noticing that there could be none.

Images from my past came back haunting me. My close friends would know who, when and where. I wouldn't want to talk about it.

Suddenly my friend told me.

"I think its that girl in the green shirt."

"OMFG! You gotta be kidding me. She's fat you know?"

I tried to be more sensitive and I know I was over the bounds but it just automatically came out of my mouth. I'm doomed.

"Yeah, I think that's her. Let me msg her and see whether she takes out her HP"

...tack, tack, tack...

In my head, I was still hoping for some salvation. That this cellulite infested chick is not the girl and his internet friend would somehow say she hit a cow or a monkey on the way.

Things moved in slow motion as she reached for her HP in her handbag and typed somethings. As soon as she puts her HP back in her bag... My friend's HP beeped.

I think my jaws cramped for a minute as I looked at her and back at him... numerous times.

Fuck. Doomed.

p/s: True Story. Want proof? Approach me for pics.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

.my mail forwards.

Our foreign franchise decides to go local.

Be brave but its OK to be scared sometimes.

Believe in yourself. Always.

p/s: Just found out through my bloglinks. KinkyBlueFairy just got HOT! Or is it just my horny PC redirecting me to a porn site?

[Quote]"This domain has expired. Click here to renew it." [Unquote]

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

.mom leaves for Osaka.

mom left for japan. she's going to be around Osaka i guess. Hope she's having one blast of a time. Hope she will get me one of those extra cool t-shirts too. or some electronic stuff from there. anything... since my chances of stepping into Japan could be rather slim.

I'm thinking of enrolling in Msc for Supply Chain Management from University of Bolton. 18 months course and there will be a demo at their office this Saturday 3.30pm. I'll be there to work out my options and I'll be at home to work out my finances. Its part time. :)

p/s: Time for a new header design?

Monday, April 7, 2008

.back from front.

my second bottle of coins is almost full. its time to get a new bottle.

i'm teaching again. maybe starting next month. guess its hard to avoid what you were made to be. maybe i'm just teaching material. maybe i just needed the extra cash. :P ... i'm thinking definitely the extra cash. anyway, won 100 in Ambank NexG Mastercard through my MalaysianDreamgirl post. Gonna splurge it on something cool. Maybe save it for some needy times.

a lot of my friends have been saving up to get a house. got me thinking on my priorities. sometimes i wonder whether getting a house is as big a stage as getting married. guys get houses, girls get married. mission before 30?

Me? I'm just contented with what I have and what I want. I haven't reached that stage yet. Maybe after I'm really financially stable. I don't really want to strain my finances as it is quite tense.

My trip to KL was fun. Had a blast hanging out with YuppyHui, SharonWen, CunChing, PamperedPei, MarvelMay, MiniVin, LusciousLY, ModelChian and AngmohYeo. We hanged out at Laundry The Curve. CunChing seriously got me the Meh-nU. She's one notch up my cool scale. :)

Oh, found this roadside stall selling awesome Curry Mee. I think it was near Tmn Connaught. Not really sure where but i remembered a car accessory shop right opposite it. the Curry Mee is awesome! a bit expensive though.

Ok, gtg. Ciao.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

.qing ming 2008.

as we pray and give alms to the ones we love, we do not question the action. we give without thinking. it was never about giving them, it was always about making us feel better because if we believe there is life after death, maybe we'll be less afraid to confront it.

the truth does not really matter in religion because we need something to hold on to. something to believe in. we need to think that there is a place for us after we pass this journey. we need to think that life will continue. we need strength.

come to think of it, if there ever was proof and absolute in religion, it wouldn't be called believing, it wouldn't be called faith. right?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...