.handphone etiquette.

i think handphones are becoming the number one companion for every single living being in this world. i mean this for only those who have access to handphones.

my neighbouring ninjaaaaa tried to talk on the phone with his dick doubling as an antenna. Extra good reception when he is aroused. Notice his ultra 1337 hairstyle and marijuana looking bob marley facial expression.

we can't live without them. i mean, its becoming even a greater necessity than we realize and slowly its dominating the way we talk, we interact.. in a way, its affecting our culture.

we can go out without our gf, our wife... but we can't go out without our handphone.
my mom went out yesterday without her purse, but she remembered her purse and she said its ok.
her freaking purse which contains her identification, money, credit cards and even driving license. it doesn't help that she's driving. WTF?

How many times have you talked to someone only to have the HP interrupt your conversation. I've had it numerous times.

And I do agree HPs are nifty. You can take hidden upskirt pictures and post them in your porn site, make prank sex calls to the nun living beside your house, pretend you have something important by having the ringtone go off in the middle of the nagging session with your spouse, get out of a meeting, tell your wife where you were at a certain time and looking like a complete queen controlled nutsack in front of your friends... the list goes on.

Samsung chicks.

However, here are some annoying things people can do with this piece of equipment.. other than the ones above.

1. Having them go off LOUDLY in the middle of a movie.

Handphones that go off in the middle of a movie are magnified 10x. Yes, it is like a whoring magnifying siren. It beats the shit out of police sirens whaling in the middle of the road. AS soon as these bitches go off, you have a tendency to hunt for the source like a pack of hungry wolves. One of the worst things that could happen in a cinema other than the ringing tone of a HP is the person ignoring you and continuing to talk on the HP in some loud accent pretending that they don't know English and thus enabling them to completely feign ignorance of the signs all over the cinema asking them to turn off their HP. Oh, and also Tokyo Drift Ringtones.

2. People who talk on the phone and trying to multi task.

Especially if it involves eyes and ear co-ordination. I tried to enjoy my movie in my room while talking to my mate and listening to her problem. It didn't quite turn out magnificently. The whole ordeal was a blur. God knows males can't multi task, what more listen to two varying sound package at the same time. I'd go "huh.. huh.. huh.. yeah.. yeah.. and.. What was it?"
Usually repeating the last word that they say would give the illusion of utmost concentration. Like.. "He was fucking horrible." and I'd go "Horrible."

See, works. But I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end. So, this is one of the "No Nos" in the phone etiquette department.

3. Text messaging (reading or writing) in the car.

Leet skills and absolute perfection with hand and eye coordination is needed. I admit I'm a VICTIM of this habit....... but.. wait a minute.. there is no BUT. Imagine if the person in front of you spotted a naked lady driving a kancil. His car would halt and you'd... never have noticed the naked lady. Shame on you.

4. Typing messages while talking to your friend.

Fuck you! Nuff said, If I'm not important enough for a few minutes of your time then you better make sure the person on the other side of the call is freaking important. But I do this a lot of times. It just means the other person is more important. :)

5. Phone ringing while having sex.

You'll be amazed at the many times this have happened to many people. Albeit its not anyone's fault but i guess its better to blame it on the caller for BAD TIMING.

What's your vice on handphone etiquettes?
April 18, 2008


Jimmy Ang said…
Ola atiqah-chan. Anata genki desuka?
i text while driving.. and i drive a manual car.. zzz.. its easier to text than being on a call though. haha.
Jimmy Ang said…
jstanthrtrgdy, i don condone your actions but i like your attitude. :D


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