.net friends, bleargh...

my head was lodged into the pillow. the soft cores of the pillow has molded a shape to accommodate my heavy head. my eyes are starting to close and my lids feel heavy.

"I'm gonna make it bend and break.. Let the good times roll, In case god doesn't show."

My ring tone rings loudly beside my ear. Fall Out Boys, yummy. But still, it was a shock and I scramble for it before my brother in the room beside wakes up.

"Hello?" I quirked.

"Let's go for supper."

"What? It's 12 dude"

"I've got this internet meeting with three chicks. I need your help"
(in my mind I was thinking that there's a 33% chance one of them will turn out freaking GOOD.)

"[grumble, grumble] Can we be back by 1 then?"


I headed for the bathroom. Turn the heat on max and washed myself off the drowsiness. I wore my jeans on the box i kept all my unwashed clothes and headed out stealthily.

Before I reach, my nervous friend already rang me and when I saw him, it seems he was quite casual. We sat down and I couldn't see a single table with three sultry girls. All of them are obviously decked with males and the few tables with females are accompanied by the opposite sex.

As I sat, I spotted a girl in green. She had double chin cellulite tyres portruding from her chin. Her boobs are large and saggy, probably as a result of excessive storage of cellulite tyres around her body. I ignored her and looked around. Trying to get a glimmer of hope and noticing that there could be none.

Images from my past came back haunting me. My close friends would know who, when and where. I wouldn't want to talk about it.

Suddenly my friend told me.

"I think its that girl in the green shirt."

"OMFG! You gotta be kidding me. She's fat you know?"

I tried to be more sensitive and I know I was over the bounds but it just automatically came out of my mouth. I'm doomed.

"Yeah, I think that's her. Let me msg her and see whether she takes out her HP"

...tack, tack, tack...

In my head, I was still hoping for some salvation. That this cellulite infested chick is not the girl and his internet friend would somehow say she hit a cow or a monkey on the way.

Things moved in slow motion as she reached for her HP in her handbag and typed somethings. As soon as she puts her HP back in her bag... My friend's HP beeped.

I think my jaws cramped for a minute as I looked at her and back at him... numerous times.

Fuck. Doomed.

p/s: True Story. Want proof? Approach me for pics.
April 17, 2008


Anonymous said…
pictures pictures!

u're still into meeting internet ppl ?

-famous anonymous-
Jimmy Ang said…
yh, read correctly. I din initiate the meeting. my friend did. He's into internet girls. Something about them being sexy... kidding.

Cannot put pictures. Later die die she saw then I mah susah. She stay very near leh.


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