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my second bottle of coins is almost full. its time to get a new bottle.

i'm teaching again. maybe starting next month. guess its hard to avoid what you were made to be. maybe i'm just teaching material. maybe i just needed the extra cash. :P ... i'm thinking definitely the extra cash. anyway, won 100 in Ambank NexG Mastercard through my MalaysianDreamgirl post. Gonna splurge it on something cool. Maybe save it for some needy times.

a lot of my friends have been saving up to get a house. got me thinking on my priorities. sometimes i wonder whether getting a house is as big a stage as getting married. guys get houses, girls get married. mission before 30?

Me? I'm just contented with what I have and what I want. I haven't reached that stage yet. Maybe after I'm really financially stable. I don't really want to strain my finances as it is quite tense.

My trip to KL was fun. Had a blast hanging out with YuppyHui, SharonWen, CunChing, PamperedPei, MarvelMay, MiniVin, LusciousLY, ModelChian and AngmohYeo. We hanged out at Laundry The Curve. CunChing seriously got me the Meh-nU. She's one notch up my cool scale. :)

Oh, found this roadside stall selling awesome Curry Mee. I think it was near Tmn Connaught. Not really sure where but i remembered a car accessory shop right opposite it. the Curry Mee is awesome! a bit expensive though.

Ok, gtg. Ciao.
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April 7, 2008


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