Saturday, December 31, 2005

.i ate tomyam in gurney plaza.

i doubt i really need to explain where gurney plaza is but for the sake of it, let's just say that it's near gurney drive or batu ferringhi.

anyway i went with my friend during the holidays to the lower level ... i think basement to get some food.

she ordered tomyam noodle while i ordered some thai food.... it came in a set for the promotion.

i was surprised by the drinkswhich were served beautifully, however, my food was a bit bland.

forgot what was the names of the drinks but they look damn nice right?

tastes like chap fan (economy rice).... maybe worse

tom yam is yummy!

hers however, was much much better! get the tomyam and not the other one... (thai rice i think).

i also met jac (malaysian idol 1 fame?) there. there were too many people so i just couldn't be bothered to get a better picture of her...

oh, and during my trip to kl, i managed to catch a glimpse of some of their gundam displays. they were having big discounts on it. too bad i am no longer in love with gundams or i would've had a field time there.


i also went to batu kawan during my trip in penang with my friend and family. as usual, the place was crowded. if you wanna know more, check out my bro's blog about his trip there.

Friday, December 30, 2005

.favourite blogger of the year.

yesterday, someone posed me a very difficult albeit not impossible question,

"Who is your favourite blogger?"

it kept me wondering for quite some time and to tell you the truth, at first, I have no idea.

no idea at all.

there are some nominations being kenny sia.

what is this blog about, basically...

everything. from personal to humour to even political satire. however, kenny focuses more on parodies and photoshop skills to bring out the best in his post.

like i said, his style of writing depends very much on his illustrations and believe me, pictures say a thousand words.

the second one is suanie.

however, suanie rants and there are less pictures to accompany. her other counterpart KY... comes with damn lot of pictures.

Suanie comes off to me as a crazy Starbucks loving gal. Thus, her pee must smell like coffee, which is totally out of the point.

however, her fun and happy going attitude makes her posts a joy to read.

the third nominee is jeffooi.

however, being the political and reporting style part kinda irks me off cause it's too serious and nothing much personal or funny.

but, if there were any political blog or serious mind blogging, brain eating blog of the year award, it goes to jeff.

the fourth one is from minishorts.

her rants are deep but can be a bit bitchy at times. but i kinda love the guy-gal agenda going on. what do i mean by guy-gal?

her bf and her. haha. it kinda put things into perspective for me. i now know a bit about the weird ramblings of a gal and how to react (albeit only through a single POV).

that being said, I enjoy reading her posts just cause ... i do!

the fifth nominee is Rockson Takumi Tan

there's only 1 reason why I like his posts :

vulgar ah beng!

the sixth nominee is waiterrant.

however, being the foreigner... i donch wan my award to stray far from home. this is a time for Malaysians to rise up for the occasion.

so, out you go waiter... :)

the winner and final nominee of My Fav Blogger of the year award goes to...


kidding... that'd be such a fucking spoiler right?

micheal ooi. (anak jeff?)

his posts, although lacking in pictures still manages to squeeze out the laughter in me. his words emit vivid pictures in my brain (not very nice ones... especially the shapeshifters which i agree 100%).

the simple design of his blog shows some stupidity in blog design but it also shows that... content is more important than design.

overall, i just love him... not literally... bah... humbug!

no mack, or dua cen or even aiz cause i prefer personal posts.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

.video for christmas.

here are some video files from the previous post about christmas with the lions.

file is big... the first one is a video about the christmas decorations and choir presentation (13.8mb download here) ...

another bigger one containing two files during the countdown spraying madness (14.9mb download here) ...

video courtesy of Abbas and ... that's all folks.. till tomorrow then.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

.Quote & Word of the Day.

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' - Ronald Reagan
cynosure: a center of attention.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

.Christmas with the LIONS! (revamped)

i went to watch "a chinese tall story" during christmas eve. it was not packed... which is more than i can say about King Kong. It was a good laugh since all the ah bengs and ah lians sitting at the back row were laughing so i admit i was a bit influenced and laughed along just for the heck of it. (hey, no harm in a little laughter here and there)

anyway, i've been busy these couple of days especially from the 24th until 26th. on the 24th morning i had to wake up rather early.. of course it was not right after i watched the midnight show of "a chinese tall story".

then me, abbas and singpei took a bus straight to jb to city square. from there, it was walking to the imigration. this is not my first time to sg mind you but still, it is still a bit kinda of a tame experience.

however, we had a strange encounter during the bus ride. abbas was sitting in front of us and since he was sitting alone, a girl came over and sat beside him. i didn't notice it cause i was still sleeping. but i was awoken by a shoulder tapping me asking me to look in front. and what do i see?

a girl resting (or rather sleeping) on his shoulder! i was like OMG! if it was a cun chick nvm lar.... but... anyway, imagine sitting in a public place like the roadside or the bus or the LRT and this girl slides along and plops her face right next to you. if you turn, you might even smell her breath.

hahahaha! we had a field time with him that's for sure.

we went to orchard to celebrate christmas. of course the scenery and thingies were beautiful, even the trees but really, nothing fantastic. and i was expecting more of a realistic snow, not foam soap kindamajiggy from cans. they were spraying it all over the place (usually to girls only).

the great christmas tree!

acting cute while talking on the phone or flirting on the phone?

at 12, there were even more spraying! however, it didn't turn out into a fucking full fledge riot like the one in KL cause here, they have something we call POLICE!

25th was just wasted walking around near esplanade, taking pictures and shopping. i admit the stuffs and clothes there are pretty nice expecially the "girl" versions but i just had to multiply everything by 2.23... it turned out to be more taxing than i could imagine!

suntec city pose

Abbas messing around...(picture taken by me!!!!)

fountain of wealth ok? ... looks more like a donut!

in Marche.. somewhere in Suntec! see Abbas punya muka giler?

Esplanade punya durian! ..."Two girls a guy and a DURIAN...?"

Two guys, a girl and a stupid picture... :)

Durian again, but this time..
notice i had to squat to accomodate the short girl beside me?
hahahaha! she's evil....

durian RAWKS!

wonder why she's evil? she's squinting her eyes
to accomodate my eyes she says.. blardy hell!

King of Narnia!

the girls had a wonderful time shopping numerous shit and Abbas was having fun too. me? i just browsed around waiting for the right thing to catch my eye... and it did, it came in the form of a Levi's Engineered Jeans! wonderful i say. but a tad too pricey, another thing that caught my eye is the Singapore''s Edition of FHM. it has a ask Izzy (sarongpartygirl?) and it featured and exclusive interview on Dawn Yeo from Clapbangkiss?

there's also a pack of cards featuring some hot chicks. but it'll stay in the cupboard till CNY!

another thing that caught my eye during the trip is handphones... the W900i from SE and the Nokia 7370 L'Amour collection! WOW! definitely wonderful!

bye bye mates!

.a tough decision.

before i post on more later tonight or maybe tomorrow cause the pictures are still with Abbas, i've got a big question...

what should i get, a 5.1 mpx camera (thinking of a Nikon Coolpix S1) or a multi-capable phone cum camera (most probably 1.3 mpx) cum mp3 player cum radio.

life's big decisions are all money related. haih...

Monday, December 26, 2005

.back from sg.

yeah, more pictures and story later on. got sooo much to tell but tomorrow class starts and i gotta at least get ready for my ass licking classes...

miss you all so much. it seems so long since i posted here!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

.the chronicles of Narnia.

warning, possible spoiler.

well, let me recap this story as best i can remember. it was a good story that's for sure. but nothing fantastic. i would give it an overall 7/10.

the story is about a family. whose father is out fighting a war and mom is too busy with nothing to do and had to send his 4 CHILDREN out to another stranger so they can bug him instead. irresponsible, i know but WTF am i to judge her. kids really get on the nerves.

anyway, while they have the usual sibling rivalry that we experience everyday, we can see from the beginning until the end how this rivalry turns into romantic incestous love.... just kidding about this.

while playing a new revolutionary game called "hide and seek". they stumbled upon a cupboard which leads to thousands and thousands of acres of freehold undeveloped, unconguered land. (i suggest them to conguer it and dig for oil but they're still young...)

there are two sides in the world, the terrorist, and the Americans... kidding. the white witch and the non-white witch. the non-white witch land is ruled by a gigantic lion called Simba... no, Ah Lan.

together with 4 fucking kids... and an army of morons who really take orders from 4 fucking kids... they set out to destroy a witch with supernatural powers... i mean, no wonder animals are conguered by humans. their brains are really miniscule.

and at last, they (the fucking kids) won and lived as king... and queens.

after spending 30++ years in the stupid cupboard, they decided that since sex is only incestous, they wanted more.... they decided to get out of the cupboard... only to find out that their dick has shrunken to minute sizes... and boobies too!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

.thy k700 is dead.

yes, i'm officially getting rid of this k700 and replacing it with a SE T610. cause i'm trading it in for a Samsung E730 which i'll be giving my GF as her bday and Christmas present. her bday's on 24th and Christmas on 25th lar.

was contemplating between E530 or E730 maybe even Nokia 6111. but radio and MP3 capability prevails! ahoy!

i need to get a new handset before CNY. hehe!

.King Kong.

king kong really rocks. i don't want to spoil it by doing a two bit penny review. it'll just spoil the fun of the movie. what i suggest is, get your freaking ass there and watch it on the big screen.

definitely movie of the year.

but i was holding my piss all the way into the 2nd hour. had to get out to piss for like 5 minutes. bah, humbug...

Monday, December 19, 2005

.managing idiots and retail fuckheads.

i'm back. i mean like officially in JB now. the life here sucks but at least there's internet and the hordes of idiots i meet on the net. no, not you. you're just one of the exceptional few geniuses. i love you.... yeah, i really do. serious dude.

well, the first thing i'm gonna do afterwards is change and get my ass off to the cinema to catch King Kong. i mean not literally but figuratively and cinematically. wtf am i talking about... well, you get the freaking meaning.

i was down in jusco just now. the place is cold. just like the way we all like it. ever wonder why they're so fucking cold? we used to have mini mart's with fans and friendly retailers who just might give us a discount or two if we're sweet enough to them. or if we're a big fucking famous asshole. then maybe everything is free. but nowadays, everything is soo fucking routine. the grabbing, the paying, the retail or promoter we meet is even the same. i wonder what would i do if i slap them right in their fucking face and just walk away. havoc man.... but i've been wanting to do that for quite some time now. it's not as if i'm sadistic or anything but i hate those promoters who follow me or shadow me whereever i go. and they keep blabbering promotions, thios one's new, that one's shit and so on. i mean, who gives a flying fuck. they have notices where it writes 50% or 10% for god's fucking sake. if i can't read maybe i shouldn't shop. and if i'm misinformed, i'll sue your asses off.

talk about bad marketing management. and worse of all, those idiots outside the ones near jusco, first floor. the 5 dollar shop. they have a couple of girls outside the shop asking people to come in. i mean enticing people to come in with words that mean nothing. fuck them idiots. they make me NOT want to go in. come on lar, they look like a couple of hookers outside the red district attracting customers. i know they're doing their job but the management should really do something about this. this is just plain idiots managing a retail shop. welcome them but don't hassle them at the roadside. freaking morons.

somemore today got one idiot come to our house with the fucking promotion. the scratch and win a perdana or any one of the other prizes which costs like a million fucking dollars. it's a fucking lucky draw.... only if you pay SO & SO to purchase then you are sure to win a prize....

could be a trip to Thailand worth 3500 or even a Perdana. but i'm guessing the most probable prize i'm going to win is the JADE mattress which they say will promote health and shit like that. BULSHIT lar. come here i give you two tight slap. but their acting was good though. first they give you a ticket. then they give a "fucking LIKE WIN lotto face sooo happy like baru habis sembelit" face. then they talk that you no need to pay shit.... suddenly, teng , teng, teng! RM2997. WTF right? chee bye lar.

fuck these idiot micro managing managers who're no better than Ah Beng Sdn Bhd.

Friday, December 9, 2005

.bored is no reason to.. not blog.

it's been almost a week since i last step my big funky proton saga tyres into Penang. in fact, i think it could've been more than a week. i don't know, being bored till my brains blow out can really fuck up someone's brain. i've had nothing to do these past few days except nurturing my stomach to ease the god damn pain and maybe get more flabby than it already is.

this holiday is practically more different than the others. that's because i appreciate it more. why? i've lied to get this holiday. and when you need something so badly that you need to lie for it. it get's kinda important.

however, there is nothing extra special about this one. nothing that stands out. i am not going for a concert, i'm not expecting a big party, not attending one, not making one (...but i might consider though...), basically, it's the usual semester holidays. but the fact that i had to lie to the administration in my tuition centre saying that i'm getting a thorough check-up for my health is really really beyond what i would usually say. and the guilt pangs in deeper when my student and the admin called me a couple of days ago to say that they missed me and want me back... (what did i do to deserve this?) i mean, i'm just an average guy teaching average joe's English. life is normal. but apparently, teaching is not so easy... these gfew new teachers really screwed up big. one form 1 student of mine went out of class crying.. and also an adult woman. i was like... WHOA, what did the new fella do? bring a gun to the class.

the truth is, teaching is not as easy as it looks, some people has a knack for it, some people learn, while others just fall. that's why some teachers can never work it out even after teaching for 10 years. i hope i will not be one of those big percentage who gets lost forgotten.

oh yeah, out of boredom, i bought a couple of DVD's and I'm really fucking tired to review them. maybe some other time. oh and also a couple of books.

i bought John Grisham's The broker and Micheal Crichton's State of Fear. Also borrowed my friend's 2 in 1 collection of Sidney Sheldon's book. Forgot what the title was..... (i have short term memory loss... kill me.)

my stomach's not aching that much anymore. life is better and i went for futsal yesterday.

maybe a boring life without the corporate hassle and struggle is nice after all. i guess i'm fitting the couch nicely. time to get up?

maybe when the lion comes.

oh and AeonFlux sucks. really does. Time for Narnia! :)

Monday, December 5, 2005

.short note.

this site will be in semi hiatus until the end of december cause the owner
of this site is high on jettepar, propanolol, prevacid and ursofalk.

now sue me fucking fuckheads.


.updates among other things.

dear invaders,

it seems like a million years since i'm here. but life is slow in the land they call "pearl of the orient". i wonder how's it like everywhere else. i went to watch zathura. it was what i could call a disappointment to me. nothing much in forms of acting. and the concept of gaming board is not really original since jumanji. i mean, if you liked jumanji and you want more, catch zathura. basically, the concept's same, the play's same and even the director if i'm not mistaken.

i'm not sure what's going on in the blogosphere but i read a couple of days ago in the newspaper about sixthseal's site. it wasn't explicitly named but any blogger can guess and put the pieces together.

i'll go read some after this post.

i know i promised pictures but it's still stuck in my camera in my sd card.

about the t-shirt....

hmm, so far i think i have less than 40 orders with a couple more unconfirmed yet. i'm sorry for the delay but i hope things goes well and the manufacturer says that i'm limited to three sizes only. so i'm guessing Baby Tee (one size/free size) an M and a L. How does that sound...?

or maybe just S,M and L which i think S applies to Baby-T.

Anyway, I will be try to keep you all updated and have a list of the purchasers up by middle or end of this month. God knows I'm busy but I try to keep up. Life's been a bitch here. My tummy's aching all the time. (I literally mean it...)

fuck, what the fucking lancheow is wrong with it? screw it....

anyway, what's up in the blogosphere?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...