.i ate tomyam in gurney plaza.

i doubt i really need to explain where gurney plaza is but for the sake of it, let's just say that it's near gurney drive or batu ferringhi.

anyway i went with my friend during the holidays to the lower level ... i think basement to get some food.

she ordered tomyam noodle while i ordered some thai food.... it came in a set for the promotion.

i was surprised by the drinkswhich were served beautifully, however, my food was a bit bland.

forgot what was the names of the drinks but they look damn nice right?

tastes like chap fan (economy rice).... maybe worse

tom yam is yummy!

hers however, was much much better! get the tomyam and not the other one... (thai rice i think).

i also met jac (malaysian idol 1 fame?) there. there were too many people so i just couldn't be bothered to get a better picture of her...

oh, and during my trip to kl, i managed to catch a glimpse of some of their gundam displays. they were having big discounts on it. too bad i am no longer in love with gundams or i would've had a field time there.


i also went to batu kawan during my trip in penang with my friend and family. as usual, the place was crowded. if you wanna know more, check out my bro's blog about his trip there.

December 30, 2005


Happy new year to you!!


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