.thy k700 is dead.

yes, i'm officially getting rid of this k700 and replacing it with a SE T610. cause i'm trading it in for a Samsung E730 which i'll be giving my GF as her bday and Christmas present. her bday's on 24th and Christmas on 25th lar.

was contemplating between E530 or E730 maybe even Nokia 6111. but radio and MP3 capability prevails! ahoy!

i need to get a new handset before CNY. hehe!
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December 21, 2005


Anonymous said…
Wah lew, down grade to get ur gf a better one. Sacrifice nya~ ;-)

But really samsung har?
5xmom.com said…
SE? SE sucks. I have the SE630. The buttons are all so slippery and very hard to sms. And my cilaka bluetooth not compatible with my laptop. I hope mine die soon.
narrowband said…
My k700 still alive n kickin', and it rocks.. :D


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