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dear invaders,

it seems like a million years since i'm here. but life is slow in the land they call "pearl of the orient". i wonder how's it like everywhere else. i went to watch zathura. it was what i could call a disappointment to me. nothing much in forms of acting. and the concept of gaming board is not really original since jumanji. i mean, if you liked jumanji and you want more, catch zathura. basically, the concept's same, the play's same and even the director if i'm not mistaken.

i'm not sure what's going on in the blogosphere but i read a couple of days ago in the newspaper about sixthseal's site. it wasn't explicitly named but any blogger can guess and put the pieces together.

i'll go read some after this post.

i know i promised pictures but it's still stuck in my camera in my sd card.

about the t-shirt....

hmm, so far i think i have less than 40 orders with a couple more unconfirmed yet. i'm sorry for the delay but i hope things goes well and the manufacturer says that i'm limited to three sizes only. so i'm guessing Baby Tee (one size/free size) an M and a L. How does that sound...?

or maybe just S,M and L which i think S applies to Baby-T.

Anyway, I will be try to keep you all updated and have a list of the purchasers up by middle or end of this month. God knows I'm busy but I try to keep up. Life's been a bitch here. My tummy's aching all the time. (I literally mean it...)

fuck, what the fucking lancheow is wrong with it? screw it....

anyway, what's up in the blogosphere?
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December 5, 2005


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