.bored is no reason to.. not blog.

it's been almost a week since i last step my big funky proton saga tyres into Penang. in fact, i think it could've been more than a week. i don't know, being bored till my brains blow out can really fuck up someone's brain. i've had nothing to do these past few days except nurturing my stomach to ease the god damn pain and maybe get more flabby than it already is.

this holiday is practically more different than the others. that's because i appreciate it more. why? i've lied to get this holiday. and when you need something so badly that you need to lie for it. it get's kinda important.

however, there is nothing extra special about this one. nothing that stands out. i am not going for a concert, i'm not expecting a big party, not attending one, not making one (...but i might consider though...), basically, it's the usual semester holidays. but the fact that i had to lie to the administration in my tuition centre saying that i'm getting a thorough check-up for my health is really really beyond what i would usually say. and the guilt pangs in deeper when my student and the admin called me a couple of days ago to say that they missed me and want me back... (what did i do to deserve this?) i mean, i'm just an average guy teaching average joe's English. life is normal. but apparently, teaching is not so easy... these gfew new teachers really screwed up big. one form 1 student of mine went out of class crying.. and also an adult woman. i was like... WHOA, what did the new fella do? bring a gun to the class.

the truth is, teaching is not as easy as it looks, some people has a knack for it, some people learn, while others just fall. that's why some teachers can never work it out even after teaching for 10 years. i hope i will not be one of those big percentage who gets lost forgotten.

oh yeah, out of boredom, i bought a couple of DVD's and I'm really fucking tired to review them. maybe some other time. oh and also a couple of books.

i bought John Grisham's The broker and Micheal Crichton's State of Fear. Also borrowed my friend's 2 in 1 collection of Sidney Sheldon's book. Forgot what the title was..... (i have short term memory loss... kill me.)

my stomach's not aching that much anymore. life is better and i went for futsal yesterday.

maybe a boring life without the corporate hassle and struggle is nice after all. i guess i'm fitting the couch nicely. time to get up?

maybe when the lion comes.

oh and AeonFlux sucks. really does. Time for Narnia! :)
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December 9, 2005


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