Monday, June 27, 2005

.war of the worlds.

if war of the countries couldn't satisfy us, then let's go and catch a movie about war of the worlds. yes, it's the latest movie from tom cruise and dakota fanning. basically i have been a fan of dakota fanning ever since her big and most probably biggest feature in taken. now, she's back alongside little stevie with war of the worlds. the show is about yeah, the universe finding out that our world (the earth) is creating a super secret weapon and they are afraid that we might unknowingly unleash it to the universe. btw, this biochemical weapon we are producing is called AIDS and the weapon of mass destruction is called 'garbage' and 'pollution'.

war of the worlds was originally written by h.g wells and is a nice book which i say a must read... that was until the movie came out. why do they all always come out with such good rendition of the books. i guess people like to watch than read nowadays. da vinci code i heard is also coming out and the stupid lotr is over. i almost cried after i came out from the cinema on the last episode. i almost cried cause of two things. one, it was the last movie. second, it had so many people in there that we had to sit at the corner front of the freaking cinema. big credit goes to mpv city square for giving me a neck ache. damn idiots.

anyway, the last time i went to mpv cs was to catch initial D. after da show i was really really tempted to drive in drift mode. especially during the hilly road beside ksds. it's called jalan maut or death road for a reason ya know. sometimes they say that these kind of shows do not promote reckless driving (quote somewhere in the stupid newspaper) but i think, hey, they're street racers... what else can they promote? wear a freaking seat-belt before doing a 180 degrees turn in a bend on your way up to genting? god damn it. it's dangerous, but people live on the edge of danger all the time. i know i do.

anyway, what are you all waiting for? wait until my proton saga 1989 fall into the edge of the cliff then say it's not the movie's fault.. it's the driver's fault? well, maybe it is. to all whose out there. be careful when driving? how come no one puts up a safety bump in those hillside bending roads when they have thousands of those in small short can't see no kids 'taman' roads. i mean, i've been thorugh numerous 'taman'-s in my parade as a driver but i believe i can't go more than 50 km/hour in these stupid small lanes but in those long winding hillside roads, there are nothing more than a stupid sign post that says 80km/h. fxck you ppl lar. the most they can come up with is some stupid garbage blinking computer light that says... 'berhati hati semasa memandu'. try putting up a long bump once in a while. i'm sure after a few tries and a few crashes like this...

no one else would go far beyond 50km/hour. right my friends?

now i am gonna go and catch war of the worlds soon. anyone wanna catch the classic us vs irag showdown?

.initial D the movie.

yes, initial D is out and i have caught the initial fever. i was one of the idiots in line in mega pavillion cinemas city square yesterday to catch the fever. damn, i had to wait half an hour just to get to the front of the line. wow, tiring dude. as i was standing in line, the only thing i can think of is the chick next side.. no lar, i was thinking that this must be one heck of a fxcking good show or else i'd whack the mother fxcking idiots who created and made initial D from here to China.

ya lar, i know i might be a bit tension but hey, i was there at 7 to buy the 9pm show but the tickets are full and the next available middle seat ticket is only available at 12am. so, i had to lepak in starbucks until 12. ended up playing dam and talking to the manager there. damn idiot show.

so, let me tell you all about this movie. there's this drunk bastard who is the hero's father and the hero. a damn quiet japanese with a chinese look alike and a very god damn bad cantonese bloke who sends taufu with a dumb ae86 trueno. however, it so happens that his father, the fxcking drunkard is a previous street car racer and a pretty damn good one at it... then his son inherits the traits and ends up being a damn good street racer too.

then there's the ultimate chick who's japanese and also a hxxker. and then there's the king racer wannabe who's actually a crybaby and the rich good guy bastard and also the unlucky good guy bastard. the ultimate bad guy is a damn arrogant loser.

all in all, dramatic actions, superb scenes, wonderful screenplay... bad pronunciation... good acting, nice sceneries, cun chicks, handsome blokes = one fxcking awesome movie. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

.dog hates me.

over these few days after my last post, i have been busy. yeah, with my housemates making it back and all. i mean, we practically went out all day. nowhere much to go but just the usual lepak ya know?

yesterday... or rather today, we sat in aliff the whole night and morning. which is up until 5am. damn, haven't felt so tired for a long time. it's 3 pm now and most of my housemates are not even awake yet?
me? haha, i've even bathed, changed, makeup and brushed my teeth. lol.

some of you all might know where i live in and some of you might not, but who gives a shit right? i'm gonna tell anyway. there are quite a few stray dogs in my viccinity or neighbourhood. so before this i just bought a 39.90 sandal. and i had a nike black and red presto which costs me a fxcking 250 when i bought it.

ok, i was sitting in my house one day when i noticed one of my sandal is lost. so i went on a full neighbourhood search. i went two doors away where this stupid indian aunty was rearing two dogs. sometimes unleashed and released out. and guess what did i see outside their main gate in a rubbish basket. yes one side of my fxcking sandal. gosh, i just felt like strangling her.

and after taking out my sandal. guess what i saw again? my 250 nike presto. fxck man. i asked the stupid aunty bxtch slut whether she let her dog out yesterday? she said she hasn't let her dog out for two days and she found those shoes outside her main gate. i was like fxck you bxtch.

anyway, did you all notice that in the urban or more developed areas, a houseowner or tenant sometimes are not really that close with their neighbours. heck i sometimes even hate them. where is the tolerance? but i do love the uncle who stays beside us. he always brings us food and helps us to watch over the house. damn good heh? haha.

but the other side, there's this few chicks staying minding their own business and we... we mind our own business too. we hardly know anyone here. i just fonud out that a few of my students stay relatively in my neighbourhood but guess what? i have never seen them nor do i give a flying fxck. my theory is, if you don't see me, all the fxcking better. less problem yeah?

lol. anyway, what about your neighbours? how are your relationships with them?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

.mr and mrs smith.

yeah, today is finally the day where i venture into the unforgivable lies of a marriage. basically that's what mr and mrs smith is about. a couple of assassins working for their rival companies married to each other but they have no idea who the other person is. kinda like the manager of cola and pepsi getting married without knowing their competition is just in their house. however, when they finally know it, instead of merging (it's against the interest of the shareholders), they fire and try to kill each other off. cool heh?

actually, i wanted to watch this show a long long time ago but i just haven't had the chance. i took this picture a long long time ago with a couple of my mates. the poster was located at the main entrance of the mega cineplex in megamall pinang. the embarassment i have to go through just to stand there. damn stupid man. i look like a fxcking idiot there. fortunately... i hope... no one can ever recognize me again!

Well, this picture was taken sometime ago. so let me show you all the picture that was taken today....

Yes, it's the ford ranger and its crew. i saw them parked outside city square jb today. so i took a picture with the ranger in the middle of the fxcking night.

to my surprise, the crews in the ford ranger were all quiet and were just sitting around minding their own business. i mean wtf happened to 'happening' attitude!

liven up the place for god's sake. give some cds out. or maybe they did but it was very early in the afternoon which i obviously missed.

anyway, i had a wonderful day today with my friends. they took me to this place behind the shopping mall that sells some nice chinese food. you know those hawker style places. it was a long backroad but very interesting nonetheless. reminds me of chow kit. dunno why...

maybe if you ppl come to johor, ask me.. we can grab a bite there sometime. i smelled this stall selling char koay teow and believe me, it smelled as nice as the one in penang. i didn't try it out cause i was quite full then... but maybe sometime soon.... the one thing i do not like about the char koay teow here in jb is their lack of 'Lap Cheong' or i think taiwan sausage. man those sausages with the cockles 'ham' is a delicacy and a must for all char koay teow. at least that's my 2 cents. so to all those hawkers reading this... put more lap cheong and ham in it!

Friday, June 17, 2005

.she's on duty-a korean review.

i watched a pretty interesting show today. well, in a boring life here, it was considered the height of my excitement today. i know, i know, pathetic right. so, i would like to share this fxcking boring experience with all other pathetic readers out here. :)

first of all, the title of the korean movie is she's on duty. yes, correct. in korean it's called some shit which i don't really give a flying fxck.

the movie is about an undercover detective. can't pronounce her name cause it's freaking korean. anyway, i forgot. :)

so, this undercover detective has to go undercover in a school to get near the daughter of the 2nd boss of a gang in korea called the Whacker. (yeah, wtf?) anyway, the 2nd boss was gonna testify against the 1st boss of the gang but was lost during a pick up operation by the police. losing his trust towards the police, he goes into hiding. his only family is his daughter which is why the police have decided to keep a tight surveillance on his daughter so that they can get to him back again. but the 1st boss is also after the 2nd boss and uses his daughter to get to him too. so, it's all chaos. it's like you to him and him to me cause he wants you but you want her. i know, i know, i'm confused too. but the plot is really simple. it only looks complicated cause in writing, everything looks jumbled up.

the funny part in this show would be her getting to beat the pulp out of everyone in the school. imagine a martial arts specialist police officer going to school. conquer man!

all in all, it's a fairly nice watch. out of 5 stars, i would give it a 3 and a half. hey, that's good cause i'm really a criticist and a pessimist.

anyway, will be going to watch mr and mrs smith tomorrow. will post piccies tomorrow. just to keep up the suspense. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

.dull like hell.

i'm back in jb. yes, the sickness in life is work. that is why i have to freaking come or go depending how you see it... life here has been pretty ok but it's also very boring. i mean, i have no life here!
the place is like... deserted. only a couple of my friends remain here and all of them seem busy.

i went to ikea a few days ago and saw this wicked room. i mean i love it the moment i saw it. however, how the fxck am i gonna transport it back to penang. i asked the transportation department in ikea whether they offer transport services to penang and they said yeah... for RM570. i was like WTF?

anyway, i bought a couple of things there. some photo frames and shits like those. small things that i can carry basically. oh and also a small lamp.

the small bike and the calendar was from ROOM in midvalley megamall. believe me, ROOM sells some awesome stuffs too. however, some of them are a tad too expensive. i love their new kung fu stationery items. the two blue and red thing is a magnet with two of those puppets. they are really cute. and yeah, they hold hands :)

anyway, i'm hoping to go catch mr and mrs smith sometime soon. i will post a secret picture of me grabbing angelina jolie's ass soon. so watch out for it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

.life is a roller-coaster ride.

there are no sure ways of success in this life. that is what i've learned in my life. not even with hard work. you have to find the right time for the right opportunity with the right people. and when that time comes, you have to have enough resources to execute a plan to grab that chance and hopefully make a change in your life for the better.

i know, this philosophical shit isn't usually my stuff but hey, i'm growing. it's time to explore different perspectives. nowadays, the agong punya muka on a piece of paper is of my utmost importance. yes, to all you numbskulls out there, that's money. as we move on in life to more responsibilities and become less dependent on our parents, life becomes a burden and money becomes a luxury no more. it becomes a necessity. remember all those people when we were small who said love is more important than money, life too and bla bla bla... well, obviously those dumb asses are not talking from experience. believe me, money is just as important as love and life. i'm not saying more but it's right up the par.

speaking of money, time is money, so to all those people who keep sending me those idiot from mr.allen smith shit, please refrain from doing so or i will expose your stupidity to the public in the www. yes, that's world wide. i mean, how hard is it to read the bulletin which says... to all those friendster is closing idots... isn't that obviously directed to you if you want to forward something about friendster closing? thank god you have the common sense to message it and not put it in a fucking bulletin. if you had... prepare for a big wallop from me. man, it's hard educating tennagers already but you adult numbfucks?
gimme a break.

life's been rough on me lately, so please pardon my fucking smart ass comments. like i said, i'm insensitive to the world. i am only sensitive or pretend to be sensitive in real life person to person conversation. :)

don't be alarmed, we all wear a mask when we go out. imagine the world without masks. there would be chaos. would you tell your best friend that he/she is a dumb fuck fucking numbskull who can't even add 5 and 10? no right? we are who we are today and we are tolerant towards each other because of one simple fact... we're all two headed evil knievel snakes. there's a real us inside of us who is waiting to come out. someone like a doppelganger. there is always a dark side... but we are who we are depending on how far or how much we can suppress this evil part of ourself from coming out. don't tell me you haven't quietly cursed someone (this person might even be your best friend or family.) ... now rewind and imagine if you said it out loud? chaos all the time right?

so now, get down on your knees and thank god for our ability to be two headed evil fxcking masked snakes. hey, that's why he gave us a brain to think and a mouth to talk. that way, we don't fuck up our brains. imagine the thinking is always done aloud. many heads would go missing just like that... i know mine will.... i wouldn't be alive even if i had 169 lives. yeah, you most probably wouldn't too.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

.negaraku? wtf? .

ok, this is getting absurd? whoever is in favour of cinemas playing the national anthem before the actual screening, please post a "i suck" as your comment. i mean, i've been an avid moviegoer and movie lover ever since i was born. i was raised and taught top enjoy movies. however, i think this is a stupid move by the government to instill a sense of patriotism. would standing up and waiting for a dumb song to finish instill patriotrism? man... those politicians are god damn dumb.

Quote "Last Friday, Information Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir announced that the ministry together with departments and agencies under it would be carrying out various activities to create awareness among the citizens on revering and loving the national anthem. The campaign, Dr Arshad said, was also to evoke a sense of patriotism and sense of pride in Malaysians. "

come onlar. who in their right mind would want to go to a movie where the national anthem plays before the show stars. everyone will be in the fxcking crowded toilet man. stupid dumb arses politicians. there are soooooooooo many ways to instill patriotism. here are 2 most effective ways :

1. : get a new national anthem song!
2. : subsidise petrol. idiots!

there you have it... i'm sure this works better than the "play the national anthem b4 a movie propaganda"

anyway, life has been fun these few days. yesterday, a bunch of us went to eat steamboat. those buffet types. before that, the movie was great. madagascar is definitely a fun movie for the whole family.

anyway, a big thanks and huggies goes to my friend for lending me a shitload of DVDs! wow... i mean, i've been watching them almost non stop these few days.. a few grudge though, some of them stops almost at the end cause my dvd player is too sensitive towards scratches or something like that... dunno what lar but whatever lar.
i still haven't watched "alone in the dark yet" but i think it's not that scary anyway... i mean from the preview i saw the other day.

i had a lot of fun these few days. thanks to a couple of friends who was always there and who always made sure i felt homely. they are really the best. i love them all! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

.new speckies and madagascar.

well, me got meself a new specky. yeah! nothing biggie i'm sure but hey... speckies nowadays are damn expensive man. bought a black framed specky. gonna nick her espresso. people must be thinking i'm a dumb idiot to name a specky but hey... my psychologist says that i should name each and every one of my possession so i can treasure them. she also says that people are like rubbish. rubbish with names. haha. no, not referring to you though. you know you have a special place in my heart.... just like every rubbish in this world. muahaha. man, just kidding... but the thing about my expresso is true though.

tonight, we're planning to go and catch madagascar. might be an interesting movie. i know it's for dumb kids... but who said i was smart.....? and who said i was old?

Alex the Lion (Ben Stiller) is the king of the urban jungle, the main attraction at New York's Central Park Zoo. He and his best friends Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock), Melman the Giraffe (David Schwimmer) and Gloria the Hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith) have lived their entire lives in blissful captivity, with regular meals provided and an admiring public to adore them.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...