.negaraku? wtf? .

ok, this is getting absurd? whoever is in favour of cinemas playing the national anthem before the actual screening, please post a "i suck" as your comment. i mean, i've been an avid moviegoer and movie lover ever since i was born. i was raised and taught top enjoy movies. however, i think this is a stupid move by the government to instill a sense of patriotism. would standing up and waiting for a dumb song to finish instill patriotrism? man... those politicians are god damn dumb.

Quote "Last Friday, Information Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir announced that the ministry together with departments and agencies under it would be carrying out various activities to create awareness among the citizens on revering and loving the national anthem. The campaign, Dr Arshad said, was also to evoke a sense of patriotism and sense of pride in Malaysians. "

come onlar. who in their right mind would want to go to a movie where the national anthem plays before the show stars. everyone will be in the fxcking crowded toilet man. stupid dumb arses politicians. there are soooooooooo many ways to instill patriotism. here are 2 most effective ways :

1. : get a new national anthem song!
2. : subsidise petrol. idiots!

there you have it... i'm sure this works better than the "play the national anthem b4 a movie propaganda"

anyway, life has been fun these few days. yesterday, a bunch of us went to eat steamboat. those buffet types. before that, the movie was great. madagascar is definitely a fun movie for the whole family.

anyway, a big thanks and huggies goes to my friend for lending me a shitload of DVDs! wow... i mean, i've been watching them almost non stop these few days.. a few grudge though, some of them stops almost at the end cause my dvd player is too sensitive towards scratches or something like that... dunno what lar but whatever lar.
i still haven't watched "alone in the dark yet" but i think it's not that scary anyway... i mean from the preview i saw the other day.

i had a lot of fun these few days. thanks to a couple of friends who was always there and who always made sure i felt homely. they are really the best. i love them all! :)
June 4, 2005


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