.initial D the movie.

yes, initial D is out and i have caught the initial fever. i was one of the idiots in line in mega pavillion cinemas city square yesterday to catch the fever. damn, i had to wait half an hour just to get to the front of the line. wow, tiring dude. as i was standing in line, the only thing i can think of is the chick next side.. no lar, i was thinking that this must be one heck of a fxcking good show or else i'd whack the mother fxcking idiots who created and made initial D from here to China.

ya lar, i know i might be a bit tension but hey, i was there at 7 to buy the 9pm show but the tickets are full and the next available middle seat ticket is only available at 12am. so, i had to lepak in starbucks until 12. ended up playing dam and talking to the manager there. damn idiot show.

so, let me tell you all about this movie. there's this drunk bastard who is the hero's father and the hero. a damn quiet japanese with a chinese look alike and a very god damn bad cantonese bloke who sends taufu with a dumb ae86 trueno. however, it so happens that his father, the fxcking drunkard is a previous street car racer and a pretty damn good one at it... then his son inherits the traits and ends up being a damn good street racer too.

then there's the ultimate chick who's japanese and also a hxxker. and then there's the king racer wannabe who's actually a crybaby and the rich good guy bastard and also the unlucky good guy bastard. the ultimate bad guy is a damn arrogant loser.

all in all, dramatic actions, superb scenes, wonderful screenplay... bad pronunciation... good acting, nice sceneries, cun chicks, handsome blokes = one fxcking awesome movie. :)
June 26, 2005


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