.dull like hell.

i'm back in jb. yes, the sickness in life is work. that is why i have to freaking come or go depending how you see it... life here has been pretty ok but it's also very boring. i mean, i have no life here!
the place is like... deserted. only a couple of my friends remain here and all of them seem busy.

i went to ikea a few days ago and saw this wicked room. i mean i love it the moment i saw it. however, how the fxck am i gonna transport it back to penang. i asked the transportation department in ikea whether they offer transport services to penang and they said yeah... for RM570. i was like WTF?

anyway, i bought a couple of things there. some photo frames and shits like those. small things that i can carry basically. oh and also a small lamp.

the small bike and the calendar was from ROOM in midvalley megamall. believe me, ROOM sells some awesome stuffs too. however, some of them are a tad too expensive. i love their new kung fu stationery items. the two blue and red thing is a magnet with two of those puppets. they are really cute. and yeah, they hold hands :)

anyway, i'm hoping to go catch mr and mrs smith sometime soon. i will post a secret picture of me grabbing angelina jolie's ass soon. so watch out for it!
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June 15, 2005


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