.dog hates me.

over these few days after my last post, i have been busy. yeah, with my housemates making it back and all. i mean, we practically went out all day. nowhere much to go but just the usual lepak ya know?

yesterday... or rather today, we sat in aliff the whole night and morning. which is up until 5am. damn, haven't felt so tired for a long time. it's 3 pm now and most of my housemates are not even awake yet?
me? haha, i've even bathed, changed, makeup and brushed my teeth. lol.

some of you all might know where i live in and some of you might not, but who gives a shit right? i'm gonna tell anyway. there are quite a few stray dogs in my viccinity or neighbourhood. so before this i just bought a 39.90 sandal. and i had a nike black and red presto which costs me a fxcking 250 when i bought it.

ok, i was sitting in my house one day when i noticed one of my sandal is lost. so i went on a full neighbourhood search. i went two doors away where this stupid indian aunty was rearing two dogs. sometimes unleashed and released out. and guess what did i see outside their main gate in a rubbish basket. yes one side of my fxcking sandal. gosh, i just felt like strangling her.

and after taking out my sandal. guess what i saw again? my 250 nike presto. fxck man. i asked the stupid aunty bxtch slut whether she let her dog out yesterday? she said she hasn't let her dog out for two days and she found those shoes outside her main gate. i was like fxck you bxtch.

anyway, did you all notice that in the urban or more developed areas, a houseowner or tenant sometimes are not really that close with their neighbours. heck i sometimes even hate them. where is the tolerance? but i do love the uncle who stays beside us. he always brings us food and helps us to watch over the house. damn good heh? haha.

but the other side, there's this few chicks staying minding their own business and we... we mind our own business too. we hardly know anyone here. i just fonud out that a few of my students stay relatively in my neighbourhood but guess what? i have never seen them nor do i give a flying fxck. my theory is, if you don't see me, all the fxcking better. less problem yeah?

lol. anyway, what about your neighbours? how are your relationships with them?
June 23, 2005


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