Friday, December 25, 2009

minoer update

i'm blogging live on location. Currently I'm seated somewhere in this big hall at PISA. i tell you, it feels like the whole freaking Penang is here. i might be tweeting this thing live cos truthfully, its the most exciting part of the whole series. oh, i just got myself a new gadget, guess what it is and what model? 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.2009 - final review.


October I posed with Abbas.

Lighting up...

Then I went on a Photowalk with the IS peeps. It was great fun walking without a care and shooting everything in sight. LOL.

Belinda iz my ex-colleague!

I opened up my official website here!

Then I visited Taiwan which was totally OHSEM. I fell in love with the place.

I did a project called faces of Taiwan where I randomly shot ppl around Taiwan. It was fun to say the least!

I was also involved in Andrew & Eilyn's wonderful wedding bliss.


I find that my blogging momentum has really subsided by Nov. Mostly because I've been clubbing and getting out too much. I need a new phone too. I don't know. How should I go about it?

Anyway, congrats to JJ and YenTing! They got hitched on this month.

I also got my first HANGOVER!

Also, congrats to SillySeng for becoming a full fledged lawyer! We celebrated with a huge arse burger!

We visited SKYBAR. It really was overhyped. I'm not really a fan of soft music and expensive alcohol unless its with someone I adore.

I almost lost all MY FREAKING HAIR!


Now it is December.

Let's wait for 2010. Here are some resolutions I've lined up for 2010.

1. Earn more. (Standard la kan? Nak jadi kaya dot com).
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. (I'm determined to make this happen)
3. Live life harder, travel more. Get out to a different country. (A vacation sometime in 2010)
4. No accidents. (Cleaning up my car crash record.)
5. Meet more people. (Been doing it since 2008 and I'm loving it.)

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 RE-reviewed

A continuation of yesterday's review.


May was a bit toned down. First, we celebrated Cheryl's birthday at Chili's. It was one of the first few times I met Jane I think. She's this ultra cute girl who can eat as much as Edz. Totally OHSEM.

I also introduced TWITTER to you NOOBS.

I attended Louis Pang's workshop which changed the way I shoot forever. So far, Jerry Chionis and Louis Pang are the only persons who has affected the way I shoot and how I shoot. But I do admit I get a blast from ImageIsFound.


This faithful month, I got addicted to The Big Bang Theory, a geeky series, and TWITTER. Lovely.

Petrus and Dhatsnee got married and we had a great time meeting up.

Oh, and I went to KL.. AGAIN. OMFG wanted to go Urbanscapes soooo much but got tied up with some work. FML.

JULY is my birthday!

Celebrated my birthday with a couple of close friends up @ the beach. Ohsem!

Went to Bon Odori and got infected with AH1N1. FML. But cuti like hell...


Still sick. Watched a lot of movies, some photoshoots and did a lot of crap. Then I cut my hair... short.


I had a photoshoot with ChelsiaNg. She was one of the up and coming rising personalities for Martell.

Then the lovely and cute Damaris had her 1st birthday!

Jerry Chionis was in Kuala Lumpur and I just couldn't resist him. He was electrifying in every way possible. His seminar was pepped with jokes and he brings life to his every presentation. It started @ 9.00 AM and ended around 7.00PM. Not one minute in that whole time I felt bored. Unfortunately I had to leave at 7 or I could have had a photo with him. FML.

I left at 7.00 PM because I had a party to go to. Celebrating Arthur Guiness' 250th Birthday @ Sunway where Black Eyed Peas made history AGAIN.

Tomorrow let's have the final 3 months RECAP and finally the REVEAL of my 2010 resolutions!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

.2009 reviewed.

Back in December 2008, I've made up some new year resolution for 2009. Let's see how this resolution thing got?

1. Earn more. (take up part time jobs and take them seriously.)
Getting them down layer by layer now. Hopefully, it'll be more stable in months to come.
2. Meet more people. (attend more gatherings. Be friendly)
Definitely happening. I'm soo freaking tired these few days.
3. Go more places. (travel to a destination every 3 months)
Does KL count as a destination. No? Naturally a failure cause I'm so tied up. No more annual leave. FML.
4. Workout more. (30 minutes on workouts everyday. Be consistent)
5. Sleep more. (Sleep on weekdays by 12.00 maximum)
Another EPIC.FAIL.

Enough about resolutions. Let's see the OHSEMnesss that was 2009!


Well, back in January my Swifter mates and I had a road trip to Ipoh for some sight seeing. It was an awesome roadtrip. My partner in crime here is Ndru.

I also attended my first HITZ.FM party @ SlipperySenoritas, UPR. First time seeing Hujan in action. Packed to the brim.

My best mate Hunny also came down and we had a blast with Edz and Cheryl in Penang. She's getting married this 16th Jan and I'm soo gonna miss her. All the best.

And as usual, our yearly routine... we POSED @ Kek Lok Si. That was OHSEM.


Back in February, nothing much happened. A lot of preparation came into getting my jig on for March.

But I did have my first fishing excursion with Cheryl, Lippy, Edz and Ndru coming later to kehpochi.

We went to KL this month for a small roadtrip and getting to know the SCM members from KL. It was great meeting new faces.


March was crazy. Let me just summarize the concerts and events happening.

First up was the Jason Mraz concert up in Stadium Negara KL.

Then it was the iFoodEX where I met Shila of OIAM.

The next day, Meet Uncle Hussain were there for absolut OHSEMness.

Then, my first ever wedding shoot for Alvin & Kathryn! Congrats to both of them. They now have this uber cute girl, Samantha. I really need to go meet her.

Then Aifaa and Bib came down to add in a dash of flavour for March. They were orgasmic together.

Boy, was March hectic...


Arpil was a month of photoshoots, photoshoots and MORE photoshoots.

Then we had a big TT @ Apex.

April was also the month where I started my Project365. Now that I think of it, I need to gear up for more of my 365 images. Been delaying them for a month or so.

That's it for now, tomorrow let's review the rest!

Friday, December 18, 2009

.that feeling.

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you make something big successful?
When you change your life and feel proud of it?
When you complete a big project and sigh a big relief?
When you change someone's life by taking a stand?
When you made a difference?

Well, its been a while since I got that feeling.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

.Don't be a tool in the club.

I just woke up from a long night. First it was the MRS Luminous Shoot. Then I headed over to Slippery Senoritas with Michelle and Abbas. We had a blast. But there are some things which I've noticed that I could not help but to comment on.

1. Guys think they can score chicks in a club. I don't know what made them think that way but the fact of the matter is, if you can't make it outside at a library or a cafe, chances are... its pretty slim.
2. The club is the worst way to score a partner. Yes, get her number.. move on. During all that intoxication, the most probable thing is... she looks better than she does. Plus with the lighting, you're putting your fate at chance. And don't tell me you like her because she's bubbly, funny, intelligent and all shit like that. Cause you can't really know yet. The club is not conducive to a freaking conversation. Which brings us to...
3. The club is the worst place to strike a conversation. Keeping it simple is really awful. You come across as dull and boring. "Where do you stay?" and "What do you do?" shit just doesn't cut it anymore. Plus you have to lean really close and shout @ her ears. Not the best way to start a relationship, mind you.
4. Intoxication is the mother of all judgment fuckups. You're drunk, maybe a bit high... and suddenly her flaws get her plus points. WTF? The only consolation is... she might think the same of you.
5. You get CockBlocks everyfucking time cause chances are, everyone is looking for a fast fuck. The only thing stopping them with the girl grinding down at the dance floor is... yes. YOU. They feign interest in you. They then forcefully squeeze their way through and tap the girl. Can he spell C-O-C-K-B-L-O-C-K?
6. Girls, your friends. You never know which ones are the one they're interested in, which one are the ones who are freakishly stalking her. They expect you to save her at the most freakish of times and leave them the fuck alone when they meet someone charming. Chances are, they don't have a universal look/code to ask for help. They just WANT you to know. If you don't... you're an arsehole of a friend who don't care much about her. WTF?
7. Its packed, sweaty and all the hot chicks are over at someplace getting their hit ON. Yes, they're most probably testing the market. How WANTED they are. They go back feeling happy if people hit on her. They give you their number but nothing more. Malaysians and fast fucks are really rare. They're just teasing you with their swirls and cleavage. They don't want to fuck you. At least not yet. Not so fast dear. They will toy with you first for movies and dinners and WTF.
8. At the end of the day, you will most probably go back alone with the one partner you can rely on. Your right/left hand.

Once you get the above 8 points scorched into your brain, you'll know that the chicks don't matter much in a club. You're there to have fun with friends. Guys or girls alike. Go crazy, jump... make a fool of yourself. That's life. Its not about hitting at all the chicks in a 10m proximity from where you're standing. You make us guys look like fools with your smell of desperation.


p/s: I did a portrait session last week. It was wonderful! Loved it to bits. Loved the outcome. More can be found at my photoblog.

Friday, December 11, 2009

.little update.

I just watched Storm Warriors II and Zombieland. Storm Warriors, cinematically was beautiful. It was sooo beautiful the fight scenes look like I was browsing through a comic book at times. However, the acting, the script... that really left me wanting for more. It was like an amateur acting fest even though they were all seasoned actors and actresses.

Zombieland was NICE. It was hilarious. It shows us that geeks and anti-social can thrive. I guess most guys have a bit of geekiness in their bones. I certainly rooted for the geek to end up with the bad girl. Secretly, all guys want a little bit of a rebellious bad girl.

anyway, gotta go now. just a short update.
Tomorrow I'll be heading down to KL. Wedding. By god, weddings are everywhere now.

Friday, December 4, 2009

OTW to Pangkor

Gua bangun pukul 2.30 pagi. Sebenarnya gua belum tidur lagi pun. Agak excited nak pergi trip. Tapi ada sikit rimas sebab gua ambil cuti pergi melancong dengan kengkawan gua yang gediks.

Lepas bangun gua mandi. Beg merah sudah dikemaskinikan semalam. Kalo belum bersedia, lebih baik gua bunuh diri sebab satu malam gua tak tidur, takkan tengok dinding saje? Rambut gua pun sudah stylo-milo. Tengok jam lagi. Jam menunjukkan pukul 3.00 sekarang. Gua sudah bersedia.

Abbas minta bertemu pukul 4.00 tapi gua tahu gua nak buat stop kat McDonald's dulu. Sambil bertolak gua nak pekena McD. Baru rugged, gaya, mutu, keunggulan. Gua sampai dekat McD Auto City pukul 3.30. Lepas gua order semo, gua pekena berita terkini dari akhbar The Sun... sebab free dan sedia-ada tepi kaunter. Awek kaunter tak seberapa cantik pantai di Pangkor, jadi gua tak hirau. Gua teruskan perjalanan.

Setibanya di depan rumah Abbas, gua berdiri bersandarkan kereta gua sambil menghirup udara pagi + milo panas McD. Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 3.55. Kita sudah hampir nak bertolak. Gua rasa excited tapi gua tidak jerit panngil Abbas atau "housemates" dia. Nanti kacau persiapan mereka.

Pukul 3.56 ada orang buka pintu depan. "Housemate" Abbas panggil nama gua... minta gua masuk. Gua terkejut... masalahnya...

DIA PAKAI PAKAIAN TIDUR LAGI. Gua duduk mulut muncung stail emo sambil tunggu mereka bersiap.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...