.Don't be a tool in the club.

I just woke up from a long night. First it was the MRS Luminous Shoot. Then I headed over to Slippery Senoritas with Michelle and Abbas. We had a blast. But there are some things which I've noticed that I could not help but to comment on.

1. Guys think they can score chicks in a club. I don't know what made them think that way but the fact of the matter is, if you can't make it outside at a library or a cafe, chances are... its pretty slim.
2. The club is the worst way to score a partner. Yes, get her number.. move on. During all that intoxication, the most probable thing is... she looks better than she does. Plus with the lighting, you're putting your fate at chance. And don't tell me you like her because she's bubbly, funny, intelligent and all shit like that. Cause you can't really know yet. The club is not conducive to a freaking conversation. Which brings us to...
3. The club is the worst place to strike a conversation. Keeping it simple is really awful. You come across as dull and boring. "Where do you stay?" and "What do you do?" shit just doesn't cut it anymore. Plus you have to lean really close and shout @ her ears. Not the best way to start a relationship, mind you.
4. Intoxication is the mother of all judgment fuckups. You're drunk, maybe a bit high... and suddenly her flaws get her plus points. WTF? The only consolation is... she might think the same of you.
5. You get CockBlocks everyfucking time cause chances are, everyone is looking for a fast fuck. The only thing stopping them with the girl grinding down at the dance floor is... yes. YOU. They feign interest in you. They then forcefully squeeze their way through and tap the girl. Can he spell C-O-C-K-B-L-O-C-K?
6. Girls, your friends. You never know which ones are the one they're interested in, which one are the ones who are freakishly stalking her. They expect you to save her at the most freakish of times and leave them the fuck alone when they meet someone charming. Chances are, they don't have a universal look/code to ask for help. They just WANT you to know. If you don't... you're an arsehole of a friend who don't care much about her. WTF?
7. Its packed, sweaty and all the hot chicks are over at someplace getting their hit ON. Yes, they're most probably testing the market. How WANTED they are. They go back feeling happy if people hit on her. They give you their number but nothing more. Malaysians and fast fucks are really rare. They're just teasing you with their swirls and cleavage. They don't want to fuck you. At least not yet. Not so fast dear. They will toy with you first for movies and dinners and WTF.
8. At the end of the day, you will most probably go back alone with the one partner you can rely on. Your right/left hand.

Once you get the above 8 points scorched into your brain, you'll know that the chicks don't matter much in a club. You're there to have fun with friends. Guys or girls alike. Go crazy, jump... make a fool of yourself. That's life. Its not about hitting at all the chicks in a 10m proximity from where you're standing. You make us guys look like fools with your smell of desperation.


p/s: I did a portrait session last week. It was wonderful! Loved it to bits. Loved the outcome. More can be found at my photoblog.
December 12, 2009


bibopp said…
sounds like a resentment.yes,no?
Jimmy Ang said…
no, more like observation. If we want to, we can all be COCKBLOCKS.


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