.little update.

I just watched Storm Warriors II and Zombieland. Storm Warriors, cinematically was beautiful. It was sooo beautiful the fight scenes look like I was browsing through a comic book at times. However, the acting, the script... that really left me wanting for more. It was like an amateur acting fest even though they were all seasoned actors and actresses.

Zombieland was NICE. It was hilarious. It shows us that geeks and anti-social can thrive. I guess most guys have a bit of geekiness in their bones. I certainly rooted for the geek to end up with the bad girl. Secretly, all guys want a little bit of a rebellious bad girl.

anyway, gotta go now. just a short update.
Tomorrow I'll be heading down to KL. Wedding. By god, weddings are everywhere now.
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December 11, 2009


aifaa said…
hm.u know how they say girls always go for bad guys..well,we secretly harbour wild fantasies about geeks as well. sometimes. hehe.
Jimmy Ang said…
aifaa... cool geeks are OK. awkward geeks are a little turn off though.


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