Friday, February 29, 2008

.Bangkok TBR.

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Bangkok To Be Released (coming soon)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

.Bangkok here I come.

Will not be blogging until Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully can post up some pictures of places I visited in Bangkok.

Until then... stay well and don't be naughty.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

.Mois 2nd Entry.

Was at Mois yesterday.

A whole bunch of people were there.. MiniVin, JollyYeap, YolkKee, LovelyYin, SassySoo, ExtremeMeng, JaySee, MikeJackson.. dunno who else. Was too drunk to remember.

But I think I distinctively remember Irene. Dunno... must ask JollyYeap. I think she was cute.. but I guess I was too drunk to remember too. HAHA!

Sorry, forgot about SweetSam and DopeDen.

Had a wonderful time. Couldn't really remember the ride back but hey, I Freaking MADE it BACK! That's all that matters!

Now... to avoid paying Minivin.. HAHA! Surely piss off that fella!

p/s: The nick below was just for fun. Dont intend to use them. Surely hard to remember if I keep changing my frens' nicks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


a few updates to my fren's nicks...

SillySeng : StudentSeng
JollyYeap : JustJules
LovelyYin : MarriedYin
MiniVin : MiniVin
SweetSam : EngagedSam
SimplySue : KiaSue
Tofuny : ChikoTony

That's all for today. Dont blame me about not updating. I'm boring, yeah, not bored... boring.

Monday, February 18, 2008

.nothing much.

it's been a long time yeah?

well, there's nothing much in my life lately. oh yeah, watched jumper. in my opinion, it was hot. loved it. rachel bilson and that anakin boy did well, the white and black guy did superb too. to know what i mean, go catch it. its really hot.

anyway, hmm.. i guess today i'm gonna have to talk about the "mee udang" i had in Sungai Dua yesterday. If you've ever eaten Jawa Mee... then its basically using the same concept. Maybe the malays find it special that's why its sooo freaking awesome.

quite expensive i must say but i guess it was ... nice, not superb or wonderful but NICE.

not doing much lately, received my first letter of complaint against one of my staff. haha, i guess being in our job scope does have its downs.

oh yeah, got my car's "sports mind" and "monster" sticker... finally. looks hot. also, smoked my headlights. looking yummy babe.

Friday, February 15, 2008

.Kek Lok Si 2008.

Our yearly CNY travel itinerary will never fail to include a well congested trip to Kek Lok Si Temple. This year, we camwhored but most of the pics came out blurry due to some effects. So, here are only the rare few pieces I could salvage. Dun complain.

Monday, February 11, 2008

.1st day of CNY.

this blog of mine is getting more and more crowded. i think i'm trying too hard to make my life interesting when the fact is... my life is dull like a colourless piece of acidic bird shit. really. serious.

the amount of nothings that i do actually surpasses the amount of things that i do. including work.

i don't know, what really started off as a compilation of notes for remembrance and keepsakes kinda got bigger and bigger. the blog-whoring , cam-licking pictures started poring in.
and in the process, i believe i forgot the real reason why i started this blog.

to vent frust.
to write my journey (hopefully make it a book and make it big).
to kill time.

now, i guess too many people i know instead of ppl i don't know are reading what i write. in a way it's kinda good cause in gatherings... they usually know what i'm up to and the things i've done.
but really defeats the purpose of a gathering right? i thought gathering was supposed to be about sharing news.

so i'm sticking to my original intent of this blog, to vent frustrations, to write opinions, to chronicle my life.

thus the first entry of my new reformation would be about my cny first day.

its a pity i dun carry my camera out more often cause looking at the kek lok si temple pics in my camera yesterday made me wish i had my camera to chronicle my daily event in the CNY.

lets just settle with text this time k?

so the first day of CNY morning was rather hectic. we went everywhere, from north to south. first, it was my grandma's house where a bunch of people were there and everyone noticed my utmost golden shit brown coloured KUNGFU traditional shirt. they started calling me "chinaman". thank god it didn't stick though. but i do agree it does garner a lot of attention.

after that we zoomed over to Sungai Petani in my Swift. I clocked 170 on that stretch. Could've gone higher? but i had to slow down cause someone was blocking my way... unless i wan to drag him along to SP.

anyway, same thing happened in SP, "chinaman" was me again. we had nasi tomato and my aunt was urging me to bring my GF over... which I had none but she just wouldn't listen.

night time was also fully booked. went to DoubleJ's house and celebrated CNY. alot of ppl were there, i can list them all down but my head will crack from thinking about all their nicknames so i'll just name a few who's.. urm... exceptional.

1. SazzySharon (she's not the.. urm exceptional one but she's superb for bringing the exceptional ones!)
2. DreamGirlEza
3. BeautifulEyesCynthia

...urm... yummy.

after that I went back early (thank god cause i heard the banker, DoubleJ... won like hundreds of hundreds.)
then LilyKhen called me and asked me to go get something to "chew on" in the nearest 7-e.

But at last ended up in Subaidah and later Segafredo cause TackyTeh came along.

One word for that day... tiring.

tata.. till the next day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

.Happy CNY.

To all my readers, a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

To all my acquaintances, you're invited to my house on the second day of CNY (Friday) for a meet-up and "makan-makan".

Those who know my real name is qualified. Those who do not know my real name will be tested.
If you do not know my house or do not know anyone who knows my house... then maybe you're not invited.

Dogs, pigs, DumbDenis and cockroaches are not allowed. Kthnxbai.

Monday, February 4, 2008

.maternal instincts.

there will always be a time for us to know when to back out from the female individual and move on to better pursuits. that time is during the cometh of maternal instincts. the moment they kick in, the male population generally avoid her like the plague of overdue baked cheese left to rot in the sun.

i've always known Lollipop to be a girl of great sexual prowess. her friendster was splattered with images of herself.. boob baring, sexy posing, liquor drinking and night partying images.

sample of picture. not actual person k?

this type of behavior, heck even imagining her in these type of behavior is a turn on. guys line up like bees feeding on honey.

however, once the baby camwhoring, cute facing, oo-ing sounding and mommy posing pictures are up... it only shows one thing. her maternal instincts are kicking in.

given a chance and you're her boyfriend, she'd have sex with you and scissor kick trap you just to make sure she has a minute chance of conceiving. alas, even before you know what hit you, your hips are trapped in her scissor like legtrap and you're forced to unload in her vagina. the shock of not knowing what hit you is enough to get you high.

so, once she's posting up pictures of herself with a baby, you're on your own.

i mean, its not bad if a girl posts these pictures but the only thing is that their maternal instinct shouldnt settle down until she's married or both her and her ... sex partner is ready for whatever comes...

cause when the baby comes, he might be smiling, but you never know what's keeping him between sanity and suicide.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...