.maternal instincts.

there will always be a time for us to know when to back out from the female individual and move on to better pursuits. that time is during the cometh of maternal instincts. the moment they kick in, the male population generally avoid her like the plague of overdue baked cheese left to rot in the sun.

i've always known Lollipop to be a girl of great sexual prowess. her friendster was splattered with images of herself.. boob baring, sexy posing, liquor drinking and night partying images.

sample of picture. not actual person k?

this type of behavior, heck even imagining her in these type of behavior is a turn on. guys line up like bees feeding on honey.

however, once the baby camwhoring, cute facing, oo-ing sounding and mommy posing pictures are up... it only shows one thing. her maternal instincts are kicking in.

given a chance and you're her boyfriend, she'd have sex with you and scissor kick trap you just to make sure she has a minute chance of conceiving. alas, even before you know what hit you, your hips are trapped in her scissor like legtrap and you're forced to unload in her vagina. the shock of not knowing what hit you is enough to get you high.

so, once she's posting up pictures of herself with a baby, you're on your own.

i mean, its not bad if a girl posts these pictures but the only thing is that their maternal instinct shouldnt settle down until she's married or both her and her ... sex partner is ready for whatever comes...

cause when the baby comes, he might be smiling, but you never know what's keeping him between sanity and suicide.

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February 4, 2008


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