.nothing much.

it's been a long time yeah?

well, there's nothing much in my life lately. oh yeah, watched jumper. in my opinion, it was hot. loved it. rachel bilson and that anakin boy did well, the white and black guy did superb too. to know what i mean, go catch it. its really hot.

anyway, hmm.. i guess today i'm gonna have to talk about the "mee udang" i had in Sungai Dua yesterday. If you've ever eaten Jawa Mee... then its basically using the same concept. Maybe the malays find it special that's why its sooo freaking awesome.

quite expensive i must say but i guess it was ... nice, not superb or wonderful but NICE.

not doing much lately, received my first letter of complaint against one of my staff. haha, i guess being in our job scope does have its downs.

oh yeah, got my car's "sports mind" and "monster" sticker... finally. looks hot. also, smoked my headlights. looking yummy babe.
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February 18, 2008


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