Thursday, January 31, 2008

.Alsy turns SHE-Bitch.

zeemi.ang says: (9:57:21 PM)
u'll just be a bitch

zeemi.ang says: (9:57:31 PM)
a she-bitch

Alsy says: (9:57:37 PM)
fuck u

Alsy says: (9:57:39 PM)

zeemi.ang says: (9:57:44 PM)
there.. its starting

zeemi.ang says: (9:57:55 PM)
your desires to fornicate with me

zeemi.ang says: (9:57:59 PM)
is strong now

zeemi.ang says: (9:58:05 PM)
i can subdue it

Alsy says: (9:58:05 PM)

zeemi.ang says: (9:58:09 PM)
let me help u

Alsy says: (9:58:10 PM)
fuck off dude

zeemi.ang says: (9:58:13 PM)

Alsy says: (9:58:17 PM)

Monday, January 28, 2008

.in the name of the king.

The MOVIE fucking SUCKS!

god bless those who purchased the tickets for this lousy dumb ass show. The only nice part was Claire Forlani and Sobieski's face.

Others... from the patrick swayze look-a-like to the papa roti idiot up to the Shaggy fuckup.... they all SUCK.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

.TT experience.

its 3 am and I still cant sleep. just came back at 12 from TT session with the guys from Swift Club. As you all know, i've recently got my hands on a new Suzie Swift 1.5 Auto. Been testing it out and the mileage is still less than 500 as at date.

Been revving it hard and flooring the accelerator to maximize ECU optimization. So far, the car handling is good. Works really well on windy roads I have to say. But i'll discuss more on that during my official review.

So far I've done some mods to my car and planning to get some done soon.

1. Swift Sport Front Bumper
2. Exhaust Double Manifold System
3. Lowering Springs 17" Sport Rims . (Bigger rims means no need to lower springs)

I was planning on getting the Projector Headlights but looking at the price really puts me off. Also previously thinking of fully modding it to the sport lookalike with complete Sport taillights and Add-On Lips but found out recently that many ppl in PNG having this same setup. I'm looking to avoid the same thing since Swift is becoming abundant.

If I'm doing any performance upgrade, I guess it'll be on:

1. Rear Disc Brakes
2. Simota Drop In Air Filter
3. Simota CAI Iridium Spark Plugs and Quality Low resistance Plug Cables

Other than those six, I'm not going to do much. So, tomorrow I'm packed. Work until 1 and meeting my boss at Gurney around 3-4. Movie at 7.15.

Gonna be a busy day tomorrow. Wondering if I can get some shut eye.... ...

p/s: edits are done in Purple.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

.new year resolution.

today, i've decided to fuck all things bad and look at things the way i've always looked at them.. up until recently when my mood went down.

my new year resolution might come a bit late, but hey... better late than never right?

1. forgot all the stressful shit at work and focus on the results. not the process... even if the process sucks.
2. never bring work back home.
3. have fun working and work at your own time at your own pace.
4. look like you're having fun and laugh like you mean it.
5. never look down on people's jokes... always laugh like you mean it.
6. be confident, i may not know what bullshit i'm talking about but i'm sure i know how to bullshit out of it.
7. never take any bull from any other person other than your boss... cause you're not paid high enough to take bull from your customers.
8. have fun and never resist fun when it comes knocking.
9. get out more and look-see the world more.
10. learn to love better.

see, it already begins to feel different. its all in the fucking brain.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.CNY and Holidays.

it's tuesday, right and tomorrow's a holiday. somehow i cringe at the thought of a holiday. only because it'll end before i can have my fun.

work is tiring, and getting even more boring, stressful and lifeless everyday. i guess no work is a problem and a lot of work is also a problem. sometimes, we have to maintain a strike in balance for this two.

i wonder how is minivin's progress with the concert proceedings. pls tell me he did something useful while whiling away all his time in office.

oh yeah, went shopping with jollyYeap and miniVin the other day. Got an awesome Chinese traditional shirt. Something like what Bush is wearing except mine got those Ah Beng Dragons on it and is also a bit goldish in colour. Well, you could call it gold or SHIT BROWN. whichever suits your taste right?

Somehow, CNY celebration this year does not have that much feel as last year, i mean, i've got like tons of shit for the event but the feeling is just not there.

I bought a lot of shit, from pants to shirts even upto a car. Hehe.

Well, hopefully, I can tell you guys my opinion of the swift later on.. after its first service.

Friday, January 18, 2008

.bad hair day.

The lack of hair only brings attention to my extremely mickey mouse like ears.

i'm having a real bad hair day. huhuhu.

will it last till CNY? stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

.blog updates.

I learnt that never do unto others what they might perceive as bad.
I learnt that I will never post anything regarding friends that I care.
I learnt that I will continue to write... only matters of my personal life.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

.transforming kid.

its funny how man has evolved. from perception to imagination, i guess only humans have the ability to conceptualize something which does not exist.

this evolution process is what strives us to greater heights, to better future and to realizing dreams.

however, a friend of mine today showed me that evolution is not always a step forward. it can be a step backward.

if you let the imagination run wild and you think of your CAR as a female anatomy with female biological parts, and u imagine having sex and ejaculating into the oil tank... there must be something wrong.

on top of that, he imagined having babies with the car, mini suzie. i mean, WTF?

MINI SUZIE which resembles him and his car. and then he takes his imagination forward in the form of abilities his son have. his son can transform...

after that he imagined the fun he'd have taking his kid out for a stroll... i mean, the fucking kid is a TRANSFORMER...

"come, papa take you out... transform"
(*kid makes transforming sound*)

this is what having your balls sucked up to your brains can do to you. YOU start thinking with your balls!
(he once saw a modified civic and confessed it was so shocking it sucked his balls up to his cerebral palsy)

Beware if your kid has small balls, it just might get sucked up to his brain and he'll devolve (i wonder if its even a legit word...)

p/s: i admit, this post might be a bit too far for some ppl to accept. my humblest apologies.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


the orange lights glimmer in the shade of darkness. the whole enclosure is cold. too cold at times. the curtains lie hanging with the upper left corner dangling from too much wear.

the television lies black and dark, wanting attention.

the writer pays no attention to those details which make this place his own.

he looks at the ceiling. the still fan reminds him of the many times he has looked up at his ceiling. each time the square is the same. but the feeling is always different. today, he looks up in disgust and thinks to himself.

he curls up in his quilt. wanting the warmth it offers. he lies and listens to the songs on his ipod. the circular motions and songs are recurring and he has heard every song at least ten times. but its just refreshing to have music in his ears. just a nice feeling to know there's sound.. noise.. and not total silence. silence is scary.

he just lies and wants the song to accompany him till he sleeps. there's too many things on his mind.

Silence is not what scares us, it's the noise after silence that scares us - jimmy.ang (zeemi) 08'

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

.my career or dream?

Quote of the day : Alcohol only amplifies your desire, it never creates lust- zeemi 08 '
I've got a thousand and one things to do. It seems that with each task comes two more. However, the satisfaction or scratching out one task from your long list of "things to do" are ecstatic.

Life has no meaning without dreams. I've thought it over yesterday night, what I've always wanted to do, to become. I realized that although I'm comfortable where I am. I was never someone who wanted to be where I sit. Not a boss working for a boss. Its really ridiculous. I've always wanted to be a boss for myself, not for someone else.

I've also always wanted to create beautiful things for people. Whether its buildings, toys, graphics, advertisements, videos or even t-shirts... I've always wanted to create them. Maybe I can infuse both of them (being a boss and creating beautiful things). Is it too late to start all over again? to study something I've always wanted?

I'm 25.. officially 25 as of 2008 and I think I'm a bit too old for starting over. I've got the jitter bugs. A part of me is afraid of change, afraid to start all over again... not only afraid but bored and tired of it.

Another small part of me asks me to go for it while I still can... to have no regrets. But there are already so many things I've regretted in life. Like the day I jump and fell down flat on my face in PBSM headquarters. The day I farted in class and people laughed at me. The day I purchased those nonsensical dolls (action figures as some boys would call it).

See, so many regrets right?

Maybe changing my job would also be another regret, or maybe it'd be the greatest thing I've ever done... I guess its something I have to embrace whichever direction I choose.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

.dreams are a bitch.

i had a dream...

i dreamt that i had sex with a girl.

only to find out later that she... has a surprise for me.

She has two heads and one of them is a dickhead.

p/s: this is what watching "American Pie : Beta House" can do to you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

.leaving her alone.

Quote of the day : Success is not measured by what you gain but what you leave behind - zeemi 08 '

i think i can't go out that often anymore. its not that i'm not outgoing and shit like those, i miss my friends and all but today, something just tugged my heart.

its 8 pm and the new year's approaching. me and my friends were going to go to this cafe which one of our senior opened. a lot of the guys were there.

minivin, YolkKey, jollyYeap, SillySeng, LovelyYin, SiaoWen, KillKell, BarnJin, ElfVin, JonNerdan, DogKiang, Predator, ChefChee and DirtyNeat.

Wow, that cracked up my brain...

anyway, i was on my way out after getting a bath and packing my stuffs.

i looked at mom watching television and replying her new year messages. I realized that I've never sent her one msg wishing her happy new year. I've never even wished her.

My brother's out celebrating with his friends and gf. My sister's out exploring her newfound freedom too.

My mom is sitting there alone, and I ponder for a while, thinking of abandoning my plans and just staying on the couch accompanying her.

but i promised lovelyYin i'd be there.

I patted my mom and told her I'd be out and asked her to take care of herself. I even told her we'd go out shopping the next day...

"Tomorrow I got NuSkin meeting" she told me.

Guess she's not as lonely as she seems. I smiled and said "wow..."

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...