.TT experience.

its 3 am and I still cant sleep. just came back at 12 from TT session with the guys from Swift Club. As you all know, i've recently got my hands on a new Suzie Swift 1.5 Auto. Been testing it out and the mileage is still less than 500 as at date.

Been revving it hard and flooring the accelerator to maximize ECU optimization. So far, the car handling is good. Works really well on windy roads I have to say. But i'll discuss more on that during my official review.

So far I've done some mods to my car and planning to get some done soon.

1. Swift Sport Front Bumper
2. Exhaust Double Manifold System
3. Lowering Springs 17" Sport Rims . (Bigger rims means no need to lower springs)

I was planning on getting the Projector Headlights but looking at the price really puts me off. Also previously thinking of fully modding it to the sport lookalike with complete Sport taillights and Add-On Lips but found out recently that many ppl in PNG having this same setup. I'm looking to avoid the same thing since Swift is becoming abundant.

If I'm doing any performance upgrade, I guess it'll be on:

1. Rear Disc Brakes
2. Simota Drop In Air Filter
3. Simota CAI Iridium Spark Plugs and Quality Low resistance Plug Cables

Other than those six, I'm not going to do much. So, tomorrow I'm packed. Work until 1 and meeting my boss at Gurney around 3-4. Movie at 7.15.

Gonna be a busy day tomorrow. Wondering if I can get some shut eye.... ...

p/s: edits are done in Purple.
January 25, 2008


Anonymous said…
JIMEE brepe ringgit ko bli swift tu ekkk...kereta pujaan aku tu...
Jimmy Ang said…
72 ringgit termasuk insuran dan taks jalan... murah kan? tak sampai 100 ringgit pun. huhuhu!


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