.CNY and Holidays.

it's tuesday, right and tomorrow's a holiday. somehow i cringe at the thought of a holiday. only because it'll end before i can have my fun.

work is tiring, and getting even more boring, stressful and lifeless everyday. i guess no work is a problem and a lot of work is also a problem. sometimes, we have to maintain a strike in balance for this two.

i wonder how is minivin's progress with the concert proceedings. pls tell me he did something useful while whiling away all his time in office.

oh yeah, went shopping with jollyYeap and miniVin the other day. Got an awesome Chinese traditional shirt. Something like what Bush is wearing except mine got those Ah Beng Dragons on it and is also a bit goldish in colour. Well, you could call it gold or SHIT BROWN. whichever suits your taste right?

Somehow, CNY celebration this year does not have that much feel as last year, i mean, i've got like tons of shit for the event but the feeling is just not there.

I bought a lot of shit, from pants to shirts even upto a car. Hehe.

Well, hopefully, I can tell you guys my opinion of the swift later on.. after its first service.
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January 22, 2008


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