.new year resolution.

today, i've decided to fuck all things bad and look at things the way i've always looked at them.. up until recently when my mood went down.

my new year resolution might come a bit late, but hey... better late than never right?

1. forgot all the stressful shit at work and focus on the results. not the process... even if the process sucks.
2. never bring work back home.
3. have fun working and work at your own time at your own pace.
4. look like you're having fun and laugh like you mean it.
5. never look down on people's jokes... always laugh like you mean it.
6. be confident, i may not know what bullshit i'm talking about but i'm sure i know how to bullshit out of it.
7. never take any bull from any other person other than your boss... cause you're not paid high enough to take bull from your customers.
8. have fun and never resist fun when it comes knocking.
9. get out more and look-see the world more.
10. learn to love better.

see, it already begins to feel different. its all in the fucking brain.
daily dose
January 23, 2008


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