.OMG its 2009.

sorry for not updating and neglecting this site for some time. i was swamped with work. i still am but i'm giving myself a break for a while.

this year i plan to start it with a bang. by not caring about what i spend. spend it like its nobody's business. get into debt. get carried away. enjoy.

then suffer once i get enough of it. how's that for a plan?

i hold back too much because i'm scared to do the things i love. what's wrong with being irresponsible? truthfully, there's so much more to life than worrying about doing the right thing. getting into the right track. making the right choices.

saving money.. pfft... economy crisis.. pfft...

I'm 26 this year and 26 seems like a big number but it actually isn't. it seems like yesterday i was 21. or 18. or whatever. i love getting old. but maybe one of these days I'd want to stop the plus count. I dunno, say around 30? I'd love to forever roam the world at 30. It seems like the world is ours for the taking at 30. I'd always imagine myself being ready for everything at 30. Life, love, career, financial... everything. Bring it on.

my brother's out in Japan now. i want to visit him @ Japan not for the exquisite culture and beautiful places or experience. I just need to be there for the pussies. Amen.

now, i bought myself some tobacco leaves. I just need to make a bong/pipe.
January 7, 2009


~ticky wicky~ said…
dude, i live in a supremely kampung place. takes 15 minutes to walk to the nearest convenience store. needs 15minutes to go to the nearest Jusco BY TRAIN. not inclusive of the 40minutes to walk to the train station.pussy ur head. :P
Syeida Alli said…
spend ur money like a rockstar!
spend ur money on me!
Jimmy Ang said…
bro, get yourself some sony DSLR so that I can pretend to take nice pictures while actually zooming in on hot chicks.

Also, get a company car so that I can pinjam when / if I go there. Get the Honda NSX / Civic Type R.

syeidafiz, ooohhkaayyyy... uhuuuuhhhh.
Anonymous said…
Don't try to kid yourself. Without savings you can do nothing. Get yourself into debt and then live from paycheck to paycheck? Not a very wise thing to do for a soon-to-be 26-year-old guy. Get married when you're 30? Yeah, then spend the next 40 years paying off the cost of your wedding, then the mortgage, then the new car, then the kids' education, etc.
Jimmy Ang said…
God Trix, you're like the voice inside my head asking me to eat my spinachs.

I know spinachs are good, nutritious and all that but who'd resist bacon?

i mean... bacon!

don't tell me the things i know. i need someone to teach me how to achieve balance. not preach shit on my brain.
Anonymous said…
balance is the keyword. everything in life and things we do should be balance and thats the key to happiness.

oh yes, i love bacon too.jom bacon !!


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