.my letter of complain to PADINI.

- read the previous post.

Does PADINI have a policy where "we cannot wear purchased apparels to your store again?". At least that was what I was led to believe during my last visit to your store on October 21st 2005.

It all happened in your PDI concept store in City Square Johor Bahru. I was browsing through the place for bargains as it is undergoing a mega sale for the holiday celebrations.

I was wearing a jacket which I had bought during the August Mega Sale at the exact same place. I'm sure the camera or cctv around the shopping complex can prove my innocence.

Anyway, I was getting out at the time and I was approached by the guard who doesn't even look like a guard. He asked me whether the jacket I was donning was bought from their store. I said, don't worry, it was bought during the August Mega Sale. I even smiled at him thinking it was a normal misunderstanding since I am wearing the same jacket I bought from this store. I was a bit ashamed but I understood. Maybe the guard was being careful.

Anyway, after that ordeal, he let me go. And then I went away, only to be approached by him AGAIN. Now, being approached by the guard twice really is something embarassing and for the first time, I was ashamed to be wearing your apparel.

I went back in. And one of the workers said that he THOUGHT he saw me went in to the shop without wearing a jacket but going out with one. I said, I did come in there with a jacket and it's only natural that I will be going out there with one. I even suggested that he can check the camera for proof (if there are cameras).

The guard then suggested we talk inside the office. Again, this is the first time I have been taken into the office. The manager, or supervising officer took the task over from there. He asked me the same exact question which the two person (guard and worker) asked me before. "When did you purchase this jacket?"

I replied "During the last August Mega Sale for 50%."

He then proceeded to ask to see my jacket. I passed it to him. He took my jacket and zipped it up. What right does he have to do that? Not only is he accusing me as being a thief without any proof but he didn't even take the courtesy to double check his claims. The only thing he can do is ask me "WHEN DID YOU BUY THIS JACKET?".

Again, I was appaled at your product which is being handled by someone who accused me of being a thief. He has no right touching a product which I BOUGHT from YOUR SHOP using a CREDIT CARD. I asked him to either check the backdate account or check the stock. I can even say that if you're not sure, just check what transactions were made using my credit card then you'll know. I only purchased it like 3 months ago. Is it so hard to find backdated account summary?

Nvm. The both of them then proceeded to take my jacket into the manager's office and left us outside. He didn't offer us a seat. We were left there standing and we had to find our own seats.

I can understand the both of them going into the office, however, they should keep us updated on what they are going to do. However, we were not given any information and we were left there outside blank.

I knocked on the door after 5 minutes of wait and I waited for a response. The manager did not have any courtesy to either ask me to wait for a while or even ask me to come in. I was left standing there outside his door knocking for 2 minutes before I had to let MYSELF in.

He said, "I believe you didn't stole our jacket because the colour is also different already". (it is obvious since I have been using it for 3 months.)

My friend who was also with me said "SO?"

Yes, the problem is no longer being free now. The problem is the shame and anguish they have put us in. I have been a customer of your product and this is the thanks I GOT? Surely it is not a show of appreciation.

I am really appaled by this action and I demand to know what actions are taken by the managing department to ensure that this does not occur again. I do not wish other customers to feel the same anguish that I have encountered. Maybe YOU guys should put up a notice saying "YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR A PADINI APPAREL INTO PADINI, FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING CALLED A THIEF"

I hope something can be done to ensure that my customer satisfaction is guaranteed. I cannot connect your apparel to the clean, pretige outlook that it wants to portray. I only see it as a shameful, dirty product. I am really stressed up by this situation and I think any one of you will too if you were in my shoes.

What you and your worker do represents your action and your belief as a company. Do not solely lay the blame on them as it is your responsibility as their employer to ensure that such things DO not HAPPEN again.

I was approached publicly in a major shopping complex not once, but twice. I am a part time teacher and a student in a public university. How will that reflect on me? Surely if any parents of my students or any students were to see the commotion, I will lose my credibility.

I hope you can provide me with some explanation or at least a formal apology.

It is not wrong trying to catch a thief but make sure the ones who are caught in between are REIMBURSED for their shame.

now, let's wait for their reply....

in the meanwhile, here's two video for your amusement.
crying baby
being helpful

i will post my review on doom tonight.
October 22, 2005


Anonymous said…
did they even apologize?
Jimmy Ang said…
only the manager. not the person who accused me.
Anonymous said…
excellent letter! send it.
earl-ku said…
its a non working day, you will just have to wait monday for the IT guys to see it.
Peter said…
This is the correct thing to do. You go mate!
Anonymous said…
if they don't reply, send it to the newspapers..hohoho!
Anonymous said…
Gambate, some people are really fucked up. Nevermind, send that letter by all means. But since it's up in your blog, you could also send an email to PDI. Just to make sure every-fucking-body reads it.
Anonymous said…
Padini gonna spoil their reputation with such service attitude. Support u all out to send the complain letter. If no proper response, send to CAP or sth.
Jimmy Ang said…
din : it is already sent.

earl ku : yeah, must wait until monday if they decide to reply.

peter : thanks.

samm : easier said than done.

erizabesu : we'll see how it goes.

minishorts : arigatou gozaimasu. i have already sent it this morning. but i guess i will have to wait until monday for the reply.

anonymous : CAP. hmm. will see how the response goes first.

cyber red : how to kick? and what is TSK? hehe
Jimmy Ang said…
It doesn't matter anymore, it won't change the day and how my mood was spoilt by it. However, what I want to know is what if they insist that I stole it?

(can't they do anything to check out for sure?)

what will happen to me then? call police?

anyone wearing an apparel bought previously is subjected to such prejudice?


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