i don't know much about the celebration of Merdeka except the fact that it is to celebrate a day which we were declared an independent country. and also the fact that it's one of my friend's birthday.

i mean, i never fought in the war against the british or japanese or anything. so, all those mumbo jumbo about loving our country and our forefathers for their sacrifice to get us where we are today does not leave me with a feeling of empathy, maybe only sympathy.

however, don't get me wrong... it's not that i don't love Malaysia, I do. In fact, I think Malaysia is one of the coolest place in the world. except for the fact that it's hot and hazy... :P

i built some of my greatest memories in this beloved land and had some of my worst nightmares in this dreaded land.

picture shamelessly nicked from RonRivaldy

i love all the quirky stuffs in this country.

i love the fact that i can throw rubbish everywhere. in the river, sea, on the roadside, my neighbour's house... anywhere, you name it.
i also love the fact that i can drive and switch lanes, disregard traffic lights, cut quees and much more without the hassle of a flick of the signal.
i also love the fact that whenever i get caught for doing anything wrong, i can get away with mostly a bunch of coloured notes.
p/s: i don't do the shits i mentioned above but don't you just hate me when i say it.
i love that whenever i need to get something big done in a business (like getting permission from someone in authority), i have to bribe the people who are paid to do it.
i love the fact that even though our ATM machines can be carted away with a bulldozer or a crane or whatever machinery, no one can do it RIGHT.
i love it even better when some idiots follow suite and find out that those are actually cheque deposit machines.
i love the fact that people can steal stuff from your kitchen (like your rice cooker) and you'd find it in the street market with the rice inside still hot. (theStar, August 23rd/22nd 2006)
i love the fact that snatch thefts are so hard to counter that we need help from public and RELA members.
i love the fact that when all else in modern medicine fails, we still have the choice of "bomohs" and "senseis"
i love the pirated dvd/vcd peddler all over the roadside and in the shopping malls. isn't it amazing how cheap entertainment has become?
i love the fact that we have first class facilities and third class mentality.
i love ah longs marketing plans. they have made themselves well known in Malaysia. their marketing strategy worked like a charm, even better than LampeBerger i suppose.

most of all, i love it when i celebrate Hari Raya, Deepavali, CNY, Christmas, Gawai, Bon Odori and a whole bunch more with my friends (although sometimes, they could smell like shit). and the food... the plethora of food in our country. from wasabi japanese to curry indian. they all roxs my socks.
August 24, 2006


Anonymous said…
I love Mareshia too!
nn9ty said…
I love the way you love the country; blunt but honest.

And I love it even more when if you ponder really hard, we are actually moving backwards in terms of social freedom and equality.

I love when people say we should all be satisfied with the status quo and "if you don't like it here, you can go somewhere else."

I love the fact that even after half a century, there are still major distinction between the various groups, the haves and have-nots.

Anyway, happy Merdeka Day buddy!
Jimmy Ang said…
leen : yeah, i know you do. at first i thought u loved mashimaro.... then i caught the spelling. *-^

ninety : happy Merdeka Day buddy to you too. hope you get back to this beloved land soon.


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