Monday, September 28, 2009

.Arthur's Day with the Black Eyed Peas.

Arthur's Day @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. AWESOME. Couldn't find SillySeng by the time BEP was in da house. So I partied myself hoping to god SillySeng was jumping around.

This was taken when Reshmonu was in da house. Truthfully, we all just went for the BEP. The atmosphere during Reshmonu, MC Hotdog and a few others were "moot". They tried to work up the crowd but we could see that they're more worried about their own performance rather than how we interacted. (maybe its just me...)

The atmosphere took a 360' turn by the time the stage blacked out for the BEP.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Nothing much to describe. I find it interesting. This is the path leading to the building where I work every weekday. A road I've been taking religiously for the past 1 year and more.

A little bit adjustment on contrast, blacks, and fill lights in Lightroom. Watermark in CS4.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.style & fashion.

Setting: One Night Light on wall. Clothes Hanger. Awesome Black Shirt. Jimmy's Awesome Camera. 50F1.4 Lens. Beautiful Small Eyes.

Result: Sucky image but full of love.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.eksiden di Jalan Raja Uda.

Gua duduk minum kopi di kedai mamak "Salam". Buka 24 jam. Best, nak duduk sampai bila-bila pun boleh. Sambil duduk minum teh tarik dan makan roti canai, gua terbatuk-batuk.

Tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi ala letupan. Satu Salam lari keluar tengok keadaan.
Gua tak ingin, tapi kawan gua dah 200 meter jauh. Gua pun bayar untuk semua dan bergegas tengok keadaan.

Eksiden rupanya. Satu kereta iswara hitam hentam dua kereta Mercedes. Yang peliknya, dua kereta Merc itu tengah parking. Gua kesian budak yang keluar dari kedai nanti. Mesti terkejut tengok kereta dia yang kena hentam macam taufu. Hahaha. Gua tak ingin gelak tapi dalam hati terkiut juga. Kalo gua mesti pening.

gua dan kawan duduk sana setengah jam. Tengok kereta bomba, tengok orang lain yang datang parking dan turun tengok, tengok polis datang... banyak juga yang gua tengok. Pertama kali menyibuk sebagai orang luar. Selalunya, kereta gua yang kena...

Lepas setengah jam, kita bergegas balik. Dalam hati gua takut nak keluar malam lagi. Sebab tengah tidur dalam kedai pun kereta boleh jadi macam taufu.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I will be here

The worldwide celebration of Arthur’s Day across the globe over 36 hours will blast off in Dublin, NYC, Lagos and to over 150 countries ending in Kuala Lumpur!

The party goes down on September 25th 2009, 8pm

Venue: Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Artists: Black Eyed Peas, Reshmonu, MC Hotdog, MJ 116, Danny One and Manhand.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

.the recap.

These past few days I couldn't be bothered to write. Mainly because I had a great almighty headache, flu & cough. The cough started with a fever last 2 months ago and stopped a couple of weeks back. But then it came back again. Seriously, I'm soooo sick of being sick that I'm downing every available antibiotic there is for this condition, be it flu or cough or anything that even comes near.

I've been arranging myself at home recently but I've been naughty. I've had a great Buka Puasa Feast with my colleagues @ Sunway Carnival. The feast was crazy. After that I headed to watch The Gamer.

Amazingly, I didn't find it drowsy. If you're used to Counter Strike games or Halo.. or Half Life... (you know how out of contact with games I am by the titles I spew out here), you should be able to cope. It's mildly entertaining and Gerard Butler was good. But I wish more focus was given onto the kid wonder who controlled "Tillsman" in the game. That kid was cool. That guy from Dexter? The serial killer series, not the cartoon. He's made his big movie debut here. And not a bad one I say.

I also had a big "Buka Puasa" with Abbas the next day. The food was good but by the end of it, I was coughing like a baboon. I even puked. Great days... sigh.

Hard Rock Cafe opened in Penang on Friday 18th September and Hard Rock Hotel on 19th September. It's a shame I still have this morbid cough. I guess I'll have to pimp out there later in the month.

BTW, next week I'm heading down to KL for a Jerry Ghionis seminar. Then I freaking hope SillySeng gets through with some Arthur's Day tickets. I wanted to get one but since he said he has extra, I guess I'll have to wait. If none at the end... I'll get them at the opening venue.

A toast to great MUSIC!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


//monster tries to scare people//

RAWR! RA... *cough cough*....

//monster walks out//

Friday, September 11, 2009

.insanely sick.

I am soo freaking sick and tired all the time it is driving me INSANE. How the hell can I have a productive day with such bitchlike symptoms. Crazy...

Anyway, I've been twitting constantly I think it drives ppl mad, esp in FB. But hey, I like to be able to communicate wirelessly... albeit it might be a sin communicating junk.

If you're on twitter, follow me @jimmyang. *shamelesslyfloggingmyusernamecough*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.Damaris J Augustine.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and this party was overflowing with AWESOMENESS. That and a lot of candies, a big terrific Noah's Ark cake as well as McD Party sets.

Totally cute.

She will break many hearts when she grows up. A family event & portrait session before the Augustines make a break for Australia early next year.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's A WRAP.

Rocking it out with Local Celebrity, Chelsia Ng.
[Singer & Actress in Realiti (learn more here, here & here) as well as Kopitiam].
She's got AWESOME infused into her bones when her iphone rocked out to the tune of MJ, Buble and the likes. Catch her on youtube, myspace (chelsiang) & be a FAN in facebook.

p/s: This will be the last image from the session for now. There are tons more but I really don't want to bore you guys with 50 images from that session.

I'm on twitter: @jimmyang.
Follow Chelsia Ng on twitter: @chelsiang.
Pls give yourself an eyegasm and view in black.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

.Photoshoot with Chelsia Ng.

Friday evening, I had a crazy photoshoot with Ndru. We rented a place up @ Malacca Street, Lee Video. It was a long shoot, 2 hours roughly. But I had a great time. Learning lighting sets, getting good poses. Chelsia Ng was patient with me.

The lighting was set up with one big softbox as main light and an umbrella on camera right *feathered*. One more strobe (nikon sb8/900) behind subject on camera right for hair light. I love hair light. I think it makes the whole image more 3 dimensional. Also, the importance of fill light can never be underestimated. It makes a huge difference.

Also, I learnt something about poses. When posing a model, try to make sure all her joints are bended. The curvier a girl is, the better the result. However, please keep it natural. Overposed models can look unnatural and the viewer can always point something weird out. I learnt much of this watching Chelsia pose. She wasn't like most of my other normal subjects/models who needed directions. She just rocked it with AWESOMENESS.

Anyway, Chelsia is going to be featured soon. Where? Which media? I'll post them here when they're out. For now, let's wait for the hype to come.

Follow Chelsia's BLOG.
Follow Chelsia on TWITTER.

Friday, September 4, 2009

.jumping jacks.

Crazy photoshoot today with some exceptional shots of the very beautiful Chelsia Ng from Kopitiam @ Realiti. If you watch Realiti, you should recognize her. If you've not... shame on you. This Penang lad will be featured soon. It's gonna be LEGEND... wait for it... DARY!

Get an eyegasm by viewing in black. Thanks to Ndru for the wide-angle.

I'll think of more to write later...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

.looking forward.

Looking forward to getting her through my lens. I'm just gonna squeeze that big ball of cuteness through. She's awesome. I just hope she keeps on smiling and getting all jumpy on the shoot day.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...