It's A WRAP.

Rocking it out with Local Celebrity, Chelsia Ng.
[Singer & Actress in Realiti (learn more here, here & here) as well as Kopitiam].
She's got AWESOME infused into her bones when her iphone rocked out to the tune of MJ, Buble and the likes. Catch her on youtube, myspace (chelsiang) & be a FAN in facebook.

p/s: This will be the last image from the session for now. There are tons more but I really don't want to bore you guys with 50 images from that session.

I'm on twitter: @jimmyang.
Follow Chelsia Ng on twitter: @chelsiang.
Pls give yourself an eyegasm and view in black.
September 6, 2009


ndru said…
y nv promote me ? hehe
Jimmy Ang said…
Ndru, swift member & Mac enthusiast needs a new post all for himself. Next time we do your photoshoot.
Samantha said…
that looks life fun! wth am I talkin about?! spending a day with a hot awesome girl will always be fun eh?
Jimmy Ang said…
that means I'll have a fun day out with you too...
ndru said…
photoshoot for me? that will be funny. cross dress boleh ?
Jimmy Ang said…
funny thing, I was gonna suggest the same thing... *true story*


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