Thursday, February 26, 2009

.perangai buruk.

Gua dapati gua ini tidak suka bercakap di MSN atau skype.
Gua lebih suka bersosial, blogging dan update status.

Macam gua ini superstar. Semo orang nak baca update gua aje.
Padahal, takde siapa kisah pun apa i buat. EVARRR.

Mungkin I harus show sikit nipple mcm Anne Hathaway dlm filem Havoc sebelum dia terkenal.
Atau masuk audition Malaysian Idol pakai tuala...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.how to annoy people.

1. Staple only on the middle of the page.
2. Always interrupt people with "Whatever..."
3. End all your sentence with conjunctions like "and, but, so, however..."
4. Randomly shout at people crossing the road.
5. Look at people with your mouths wide open like they're retarded.
6. Shut the phone halfway when people call you and pretend the line was out.
7. Tell people how much your boss likes you and praises you. Then proceed to tell them how they should work harder.
8. Randomly talk to a part of the wall in the elevator while other people is inside.
9. Make driving sounds when fetching your friend(s). "vrooom.. prenng.."
10. Lick all your food as soon as they come and claim them as "chopped".

There, now this should keep you entertained for at least one week if you try them out.

p/s: my flickr link is now up.
p/s/s: where da FUCK is my THREADLESS order a month ago?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

.another KL trip.

I had a great time in KL.

1. I had great Klang Bak Kut Teh! Damn nice when you eat with people who enjoy good food.
2. I went window shopping and I managed to buy NOTHING just ONE thing.
3. I did not drive! I just sat and enjoy sleeping.
4. We met so many new people and had such a great time talking kok.
5. We convoyed and PAO (kepung) an auntie driving a Honda City. It wasn't intentional. They wanted to let her go but she kept zig-zagging till we were confused.
6. Had Ipoh Chicken Bean Sprout and "sakit perut" the next day!
7. Spent time taking and learning photography.

Alas, there were some unexpected events which dampened the spirit and my heart and prayers go out to our mate Kensvin who passed away in his sleep due to Acute Myocardial Infarction. RIP.

Friday, February 20, 2009

.siapa makcik?

gua sampai dekat trafik light depan rumah gua. lampu merah. baru saja. mungkin ada 60 saat lagi. gua lepak sambil dengar lagu entah ape-ape dalam kereta.

belakang gua ada satu kereta "silver". Besar dari kereta gua. Gua tak kisah jadi gua tengok lampu depan saja.

Awek belakang turun kereta. Dalam hati, ku berkata.. "siapa awek yang berani sangat turun kereta tgh trafik light merah dan nak pergi mana pulak awek ini?"

Nasib baik gua depan dia... kalau gua belakang awek ini, confirm gua sudah hon!

Gua memerhatikan awek itu. Muka dia gua tak nampak sebab "cutoff view" dari skrin belakang.
Dia berjalan ke depan. Dan gua tengok dia ketuk cermin gua.

Alamak, rupa-rupanya awek tua ini MAK gua. Dia turun kereta nak pass kat gua benda bawa balik rumah sebab dia nak terus pergi Majlis Perbandaran.

Nasib baik gua belum caci MAK gua. Peluh mengalir takut kena petir sbb cuaca mendung.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

.rocking Penang.

I was soo hoping for "Meet Uncle Hussain" that a pinge of sadness crept into my heart when I knew they weren't coming. However, having "Estrella" perform is by far one of the greatest news.

March will be a month of concerts and functions. First will be Jason Mraz's concert and here's to crossing my finger that Chris Brown won't beat him into a pulp. Also, one of my best mates are getting married. A special toast to Alvin the Chipmunk.

Then there's EstrellaEstranged performing in Penang middle of March which is as good as a done deal. Waiting for more information from the Event Manager. It will be awesome and breath taking. I expect no less from a group with such calibre.

Somehow, at 26... I feel much younger than 21. Must be this new acquisition of "freedom".

p/s: I now have a DSLR. But that doesn't make me a photographer. It just makes me look like a photographer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tagged by LeenMafia (long time since I used this nick)

1. I've small eyes. Seriously. I don't hate them.
2. I learnt ninja techniques and I can disappear.
3. I laugh like a hyena sometimes.
4. I have hairs, pubic hairs.
5. I have a long line on my tummy due to an operation. The scar on the right bottom was to excrete my bile.
6. I read books before I sleep, I find them therapeutic. Never right after, never during.
7. I am in love with everything stylo-milo.
8. I'm a great pretender.
9. My favouite colour is white but I wear everything black.
10. I took guitar lessons and I learnt that I sucked in it.
11. I'm beginning to get flabby. I just never admitted it. Besides, I'm too lazy to religiously exercise.
12. I prefer roadside food to restaurant cuisine. Unless it's fine dining. Dun give me the KFC McD bullshit.
13. I love taking pictures, making films and designing stuff.
14. I've had countless car and motorcycle accidents. Countless by now.
15. Ever since I broke up, it has been a long time since I religiously visit the cinema.
16. I am a chinese but people say i have this malay accent plus I never really can write chinese. Not even my own full name. My surname only.
17. I'm super duper scared of birds. Give me a tarantula or a python over a canary anytime.
18. I like hanging out with friends. I will go to great lengths just to enjoy a cuppa with them. I think friends are important.
19. Secretly, I think the 80's are cool. Give me a 5 bottlecaps and some 'gasing' over Counter Strike anytime of the day.
20. I think Japan is a cool place. They dare to be different... not in a good way though, but they have character. I think their language is cool.. especially after Misaki Ito said 'Moe' in Densha Otoko.
21. I fall easily. I never meant to hurt anyone but sometimes I think its harder to maintain love than it is to fall.
22. I think internet is the greatest stuff ever invented.
23. I write a lot of nonsense and secretly I think they're the greatest thing since Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
24. I like swimming. I find them peaceful. Never tried diving but I hope to.
25. I'm super duper LAZY I tell you.

Direct lift from facebook. Not tagging. Kthnxbai.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

.more on fishing.

Cher made a really good post about our fishing trip. Go read them here: Fishing Craze - by Ed and Cher. Dun be so lazy. Go read... now!
During the weekend, we were both in the fishing mood craze. On Sun morning, we and two other friends made our way up to Tj Bungah (opposite Mount Pleasure) for fishing. We started around 10.30 am and ended around 1.30pm.

I must say our fishing turned out good as we caught ourselves quite a lot of fishes, most of it Gelama's.We used really huge, fat, long and bloody worms as bait. The worms were called umpun-umpun or Nipah Worms. I am proud to say that I was brave enough to cut the worms, touch these worms and hook them onto the hook all by myself!!!! **Clap Clap**

But thinking back these worms were damn disgusting. And each time you cut them there's so much slimy blood coming out... - Ed and Cher.

Monday, February 9, 2009

.gua fishing lagi.

i came with all my equipments for my battle with the sun. my SPF50 suncreen, hat, water. all checked.

after 15 minutes, the sunburnt on my back from yesterday was scorching. i retired and took refuge under a tree . i let my rod dangle. i just caught a fish, but i didn't care. the heat was too much.

Sun: 2. Me: 0.

Damn You SUN!

.MR A to Z

Sunday, February 8, 2009

.gua fishing.

somehow the breeze and the waiting calms me. but i will have my revenge on the sun.
one day, sun. one day...

it was an awesome expedition. in a couple of hours, we managed to catch some 20 fishes not including some puffer we have to let go and a baby stingray.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

.short snippets.

timmy.ang says:
tomolo officially spring in japan!

- zimmy.ang - says:
spring nice!

timmy.ang says:
but february is coldest month -_-""
stupid rite?
like, the world a bit off centre d

- zimmy.ang - says:
u go there, the world tenggelam a bit.. too much to support
dun worry, you come back will be normal back

timmy.ang says:
fuck u hahahahhaha

Friday, February 6, 2009

.penang war museum.


p/s: tonight i'm heading over to rock the cinema with Abbas. Watching Pink Panther II. I wonder how loud we'll laugh. Wakakakaka! See ya!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

.blardy Japan.

while I was holed up visiting Kek Lok Si, my bro made different plans.

Monday, February 2, 2009

.kereta rosak.

Semalam kereta bukan gua rosak tepi jalan. Misteri misteri. Bukannya apa, panas bin terik teman kita.

Sebab selepas mandi air terjun. Gua lupa bawak seluar dalam untuk tukar. jadi apa lagi, gua gaya sexy ala Britney Spears dan Paris Hilton.

Tapi gua rasa kawan gua 'panas bin terik' suka makan telur separuh masak.

lain kali... confirm gua takkan lupa bawak underwear.
Nasib gua ala Britney... Kalau gua pakai underwear basah kalau, dah rebus dah telur gua.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...