Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tagged by LeenMafia (long time since I used this nick)

1. I've small eyes. Seriously. I don't hate them.
2. I learnt ninja techniques and I can disappear.
3. I laugh like a hyena sometimes.
4. I have hairs, pubic hairs.
5. I have a long line on my tummy due to an operation. The scar on the right bottom was to excrete my bile.
6. I read books before I sleep, I find them therapeutic. Never right after, never during.
7. I am in love with everything stylo-milo.
8. I'm a great pretender.
9. My favouite colour is white but I wear everything black.
10. I took guitar lessons and I learnt that I sucked in it.
11. I'm beginning to get flabby. I just never admitted it. Besides, I'm too lazy to religiously exercise.
12. I prefer roadside food to restaurant cuisine. Unless it's fine dining. Dun give me the KFC McD bullshit.
13. I love taking pictures, making films and designing stuff.
14. I've had countless car and motorcycle accidents. Countless by now.
15. Ever since I broke up, it has been a long time since I religiously visit the cinema.
16. I am a chinese but people say i have this malay accent plus I never really can write chinese. Not even my own full name. My surname only.
17. I'm super duper scared of birds. Give me a tarantula or a python over a canary anytime.
18. I like hanging out with friends. I will go to great lengths just to enjoy a cuppa with them. I think friends are important.
19. Secretly, I think the 80's are cool. Give me a 5 bottlecaps and some 'gasing' over Counter Strike anytime of the day.
20. I think Japan is a cool place. They dare to be different... not in a good way though, but they have character. I think their language is cool.. especially after Misaki Ito said 'Moe' in Densha Otoko.
21. I fall easily. I never meant to hurt anyone but sometimes I think its harder to maintain love than it is to fall.
22. I think internet is the greatest stuff ever invented.
23. I write a lot of nonsense and secretly I think they're the greatest thing since Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
24. I like swimming. I find them peaceful. Never tried diving but I hope to.
25. I'm super duper LAZY I tell you.

Direct lift from facebook. Not tagging. Kthnxbai.

2 commented:

ndru said...

eh jimmy, lets bring bottle cap and we play during the next TT. Yes internet is the best invention...without internet you will not love me so much.
hope u get ur a350 soon ...

zeemi said...

cap bottle nowadays very hard to find. who sells bottled water anymore? mineral water cap can ah? hahaha.

Yes, I love you. XOXOXOXOXOXO.

Now bugger off.