Sunday, September 30, 2007


nothing to blog about. *-^ sien...
sorry ya all, cant blame me for having a boring life.
actually.. you can... but let's not get there.

yesterday, i got these at an excruciatingly high price.

the product...

the Levi's Limited Edition Be@rbrick

mine is the black edition.i wish i have this too. way cooler.... *-^

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


standing: miniVin, sitting: jeeMee, sweetSam, lovelyYin

i can't believe i skipped work to watch Hairspray.

OMG, it's practically dumb. But I got myself a new shirt.... yeah, wearing it in the pic.
All my other pictures look dumb so I'm not posting it up.

Anyway, Hairspray is a musical about a racist community and making the world a better place. you know, the yadda yadda principle and moral shit that makes u realize what an arsehole you have been for the past few years of your available breathing life.

besides than that, the nostalgic hairs, costumes and dance moves all remind me of GREASE.
Overall, I'd give this movie a 4/10.


Never knew i could be soooo mean.

sweetSam: I'm still 18.
Me: In your heart, you're still 18 right?
sweetSam: Yes.
Me: But not on your face.
sweetSam: fucker.
Me: bitch...

Monday, September 24, 2007

.Freedom Film Festival in PNG.

Truthfully, I only managed to squeeze in for 1 session. It was on 22nd September 2007 at 9.10pm.

The movies screened are Exodus and She's My Son.

Exodus tells a movie about sexuality. Of Lesbianisme and attractions. The movie was scripted without any dialogs and yet they still manage to portray the feelings displayed by the characters. The main reason I was not comfortable with this movie was because it is visually beautiful with choreographed dances and all (I don't have a knack for VERY artistic movies). Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful movies. Movies that are scripted and acted beautifully but not artsy matsy movies. However, me and my friend was giggling half way when the woman was artistically Masturbating. I mean, WTF?

She's My Son is a malaysian movie about transexuals. How a person who has undergone a sex change feels and how parents play an exceptionally important role to these people. The story revolves around Suganiah, a transexual who has become an accepted individual in the society because of her mother's support. The director, a video journalist from MalaysiaKini has decided that she doesn't want to portray transexuals as prostitutes, degraded individuals or even outcasts of society. She wants to portray a story where if the family accepts them, the society will too.

Chuah, a USM student doing a project on Homosexuality, Mien*... a facilitator for FFF, Indrani Kopal (director/producer for She's My Son)

more information on the movies screened in FFF can be found here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

.Freedom Film Festival.

The Freedom Film Festival I've blogged about previously... is in PG.
Booked for tonight. Will talk about it tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel like I'm whoring for money and I feel like giving up. I want to experience life. I want to enjoy what I do. I want freedom. *sigh*
/end rant/

Friday, September 21, 2007

.chris crocker... disturbing.

this is disturbing...

this is even more disturbing...

this is totally gross but funny...

i can't even begin to describe how fucked up i feel after watching these videos. there you go guys.. some people should generally disappear from the gene evolution. they just shouldn't PROCREATE.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


received a msg from JollyYeap just now. Brought a wide smile to my face and a chuckle.

"I hate to be u cos if i were u, i'd be dead... Or at least u gonna be dead..."

must've ticked him off with my previous post. *-^

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dear anonymous readers,

where art thou?
where are my comments...?

to Jeslyn, I miss you.
to YeeHui, I miss you too.

to all other anonymous, if you're free, leave a comment saying who you are. I'd love to get to know you all!
to all other not so anonymous, i miss you all too.

now bugger off.

Friday, September 14, 2007

.soul is what makes us.

I walk down to the pathway and look upon my only mode of transportation to get me back to my home. It does the job fine but I don't really feel safe in it.

I look up at its fiery red body and admire the low oil consumption it gave me. Also, the freedom to move around freely is another aspect I love it.

However, the pitter-pattering of raindrops against the land are getting more and more frequent.
"It's the rainy season" I thought to myself. One of hand with its fingers crossing, hoping that it'll stay pitter-pattering till I reach home. I checked the bike and voila, no raincoat.

I hop up my bike and start the engine. The roars it made are muffled by my protection helmet.

I scooted out of the parking lot and revved myself back home.

Soon, the pitter-pattering of raindrops turned into torrents of slashes. Water is fluid, but it can penetrate even the hardest of substance. My windshield is the only protection for my eye.

Its getting even colder as I zoomed left and right, avoiding other bikers with raincoats and butt ugly cars.

My vision is getting blurry and I try to wipe it with my left hand.

Soon, I was shivering.

I took a turn and almost fell down braking for a stray dog. I moved left and let the dog cross the road. It's wet. I look down at it and watch it slowly pass the road. The stray dog must've had a worse day than mine.

I turned my head and continued driving. I know soon, I'll be in my car again. But I feel for those without a car, whose whole life had been dependent on a motorbike. I feel for the dog, it might be a dog, but it's cold too.

I reached my home and opened the door, my dog reached out and jumped at me.

"hey bugger, you're one lucky bitch u know that?" I scrubbed her and said those things at the same time.

I went up and took a hot shower. Then I lied on my bed and cranked the volume for "Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tees"

I realize that no matter how hard I feel for them, I never did anything for them. Never tried, only thought. Sometimes thoughts are not all, its the actions that counts.

I continued to lie on my bed anyway till dinner time.

Sometimes, I think my heart is an idealist but my brain is a realist.

I made a conscious decision there and then.

"A good deed a day never drowns away" - jimmy

Thursday, September 13, 2007

.my personality.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I party a lot, I use my feelings more than my sense, I feel more than I think and I judge more than I perceive.

About the ENFJ

"ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship."
- ENFJ Profile (TypeLogic)

"altruistic, easily hurt, religious, neat, content, positive, affectionate, image conscious..."
- ENFJ Jung Type Descriptions (

"Success for an ENFJ comes through involvement in the process of making things happen for people; through the accomplishments and satisfactions of those they have helped to enrich the human world with greater value, and through finding that their efforts on behalf of others have fulfilled their own life as well."
- ENFJ Personal Growth (The Personality Page)

"Teachers expect the very best of those around them, and this expectation, usually expressed as enthusiastic encouragement, motivates action in others and the desire to live up to their expectations."
"ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. More so than any other type, they have excellent people skills. They understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ's main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people. They are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this."
- Portrait of an ENFJ (The Personality Page)

"ENFJs focused on the organization's ideals and operate within those ideals. They focus on how organizations should treat people and communicate these values to others. They enjoy leading and facilitating teams, and like to bring matters to mutually beneficial conclusions. ENFJs prefer a work setting that contains individuals focused on changing things for the betterment of others."
- ENFJ - The Safe (Lifexplore)

"Rated by psychologists among 2 types least likely to have trouble in school. "
- ENFJ Facts (

Sunday, September 9, 2007

.awoken with a troubling sms.

"You've got mail!"

This sweet voice eminating from my handphone woke me up. I sat up and grubbed around in search of my handphone.

Yesterday was tiring having spent it all over the dancefloor in Slippery Senoritas. Really, the live band there is hot. Never fails to party it up.

The hot chick on stage was wearing a bareback, sleeves dangling, almost slipping out of her arms. I took her into my eyes and it was fixated. The rest of the band were good too. Nothing like the ones I saw in JB.

Anyway, back to the message, I finally found my handphone beside my bed. Took it up only to realize that my first greeting on this beautiful Sunday is...

"Do you have an extra condom?"


I texted "No"

and I realized its gonna be a long day...


Friday, September 7, 2007

.plastic surgery might help.

bulging eyes

dented smile

crooked teeth. torn lips

flat distorted freaking face

this is the before picture. Let's wait a couple of weeks for the after surgery picture.

p/s: related post.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


An accident is an event that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally. Physical examples include unintended collisions or falls, being injured by touching something sharp, hot, or electric, or ingesting poison. Non-physical examples are unintentionally revealing a secret or otherwise saying something incorrectly, forgetting an appointment, etc.

Often, accidents are investigated so that we can learn how to avoid them in the future. This is sometimes called root cause analysis, but does not generally apply to accidents that cannot be predicted with any certainty. For example, a root cause of a purely random incident may never be identified, and thus future similar accidents remain "accidental."

Yeah, i never seem t0 learn. Let us learn that today in history, I fucked up my Nissan Sentra.


I'm gonna sell the bastard. I'm adamant this time.

Going for something cheap and nice. Like a Kancil. Bless you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


time's really lacking cause i've been really busy. it's 7.32 in my office and it's pretty cold.

i'm shivering and the lack of ppl in the office makes it even worse.

i wonder how long i can hang on here.

p/s: digi yellowman owned!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

.DDD in Slippery Senoritas (SS).

DDD - drink drank drunk...

it didn't started the way i planned it to be. a bunch of us hanging out somewhere, someplace.
it started rather dull but it ended on a high note. when i say high.. i mean HIGH.

as i sat there in my car waiting for my friend to come in, i took a deep breath and wondered what we were doing. the three of us.. guys going out to a club on a saturday night. it was awfully boring right?

i couldn't be more wrong.

the journey didn't indicate anything better. if the "plip plops" of heavy rain splattering on my windscreen was an indication of things to come, i'd think it would be... rather boring later.

but the rain stopped as i pulled in to park. on a saturday night, i parked right in front of the club, well, not exactly right in front but you get my drift.

the entrance wasn't easy too, the usher was porking us up with a 350 liquor which the manager agreed for 250. RAJ from SS, your fucking face looks like its been sucked by a donkey. AMEN.

but the day turned out good, we had fun despite several irritating moments.. like the fact that there was a bunch of malay softies jumping up and down and flipping their happy hugging hands all over me and my friends. and also the biotches beside us were freaking lipid with faces like tornadoes just swiped their pubic area.

but i came back drunk and MiniVin had to drive me back. that's how wasted i got.

i'm still feeling the after effect. given the space, i think i would've just flopped down on the floor in SS.

SS was good. true to the dot, its not the place, its the company. go with low ass dumb life ass holes, play with assholes. go with high strung hoes, play with hoes.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

a cornucopia of events and reviews.

First of all, Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!

CLuB and PaRtY Events! *-^

QE II in Penang. The songs are a bit boring and the place is more like a lounge/bar more than a club. There's no dancing podiums/ stage.. you just dance at the place you sit. But like it says, 360' waterfront venue. My first experience there was HOT. i mean it was literally making me sweat. Maybe it was the location of our seat or the overcrowded arena.. but it was really hot.

however, a great place to be just to chill out.

my previous party at the World Music Festival. Raining and still the best festival / party event there ever was!

FOOD *-^

one place that i've really enjoyed is Chili's and TGI. unfortunately, Chili's is always packed. but i can tell you all one thing. TGI is to die for.

also. Food Loft is a nice place for a relaxing lunch/dinner. Although the food are a bit pricey but the interior design is wonderful. Also, it overlooks the sea. Here are some pictures.

pathway to the middle looks fragile but looks can be deceiving.

my tomyam kai set.. yummy!

thou can't see the beach?it was hot, i'd rather not be there in the afternoon.

they'll reserve it for you as soon as you "check in".

mango madness. the mango ice is to DIE for!

some lewd sculpture which makes a good impersonation as art.

me on the pathway... i'm gonna build my house with a pathway similar to this.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...