.awoken with a troubling sms.

"You've got mail!"

This sweet voice eminating from my handphone woke me up. I sat up and grubbed around in search of my handphone.

Yesterday was tiring having spent it all over the dancefloor in Slippery Senoritas. Really, the live band there is hot. Never fails to party it up.

The hot chick on stage was wearing a bareback, sleeves dangling, almost slipping out of her arms. I took her into my eyes and it was fixated. The rest of the band were good too. Nothing like the ones I saw in JB.

Anyway, back to the message, I finally found my handphone beside my bed. Took it up only to realize that my first greeting on this beautiful Sunday is...

"Do you have an extra condom?"


I texted "No"

and I realized its gonna be a long day...

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September 9, 2007


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